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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Short little survey : )

I know I have told you guys this about a million times, but I truly am sorry that I have not posted in about 2 months. Like I said, I got a new job, had no computer and couldn't upload anything to my dad's computer. I feel like such a slacker. But now that Christmas is literally two days away, I am going to invest in a smaller digital camera to take tutorial shots and more pictures. I have a DSLR, but I found to take pictures with it is really hard. Especially of swatches, looks and other things. Those camera's aren't light and I'm not strong enough to hold it in one hand, make it steady and get it to focus manually since it has a huge lens and everything else. I have SO MANY looks that I've done that I would love to recreate for you guys and hopefully I can start doing major reviews and everything else for you guys. I really want to spend a lot of time on this blog and get more followers. I will have a contest when I reach anywhere between 50-100 followers so hopefully you guys will start following. : ) Anyways, I know I do a TON of these little survey things but it's a place holder for now until I get a new camera. So here is one more for you guys to get to know me haha

Shampoo: I use Suave Professionals in Humectant. A mix between a coconut smell and Paul Mitchell shampoo.

Conditioner: Same as shampoo.

Styling products: Avon or Paul Mitchell hair serum, if I'm blow drying and straightening my hair I will use V05 heat spray. I'm not sure if they still make this or not, but it's an awesome drug store brand product and smells really good.

Shower Gel: Depends on my mood. I change it all the time although during the winter I will use Suave's limited edition Hot Cocoa body wash. SMELLS AMAZING.

Body moisturiser: Bath & Body Works in Black Raspberry. I'm almost totally out and they don't make this kind anymore, not that I've seen anyways since they made the new look, smells and bottles.

Deodorant: Degree

Fake Tan: My bestie works at a salon so I mystic it up for free. I also use a UVB bed since it's supposed to be better for you in the longer run.

Cleanser: Normal soap. I swear. I hardly have problems with my skin so that's all I use. Sometimes I will use Clean N' Clear's in shower facial.

Exfoliator: None.

Primer: I don't use one but I use Mark's refresh spray before I do my makeup. Keeps my skin very refreshed and dewey for when I put my makeup on.

Foundation Brush: MAC's 187 brush and a sponge.

Foundation: MAC in NC 37 I think?? I don't know, I just go there and buy it. I never remember the number though haha

Concealer: MAC

Powder: MAC NC 40?? Again, never remember.

Blusher: Right now, Cover Girl in Rose Silk.

Bronzer: I never use this in the winter unless I tan, but I use Sephoras bronzer that I bought I think two summers ago. It came with a lipgloss, bronzer, and bronzer brush.

Highlighter: Avon cream highlighter.

Eyeshadow base: UDPP

Eyeshadows: Right now, MAC Cranberry, Avon's Quad in a purple color (name escapes me) and Avon's Quad in Textured Teal.

Eyeliner: Any. I'm using Avon's luxury liner.

Curler: Revlon

Mascara: Avon's Supercurlacious

Lipstick: Any, I use a different one everyday

Lipgloss: Any, I use different ones everyday

Nail Colour: Right now, I have a pretty pink OPI color on. My friend did my nails and she told me it was a "breast cancer awareness color" I don't remember the name but its BEAUTIFUL

Hope that surpasses the time and doesn't make you guys hate me for being so slack-a-rific when it comes to this blog. More to come I promise, promise, PROMISE!!

xoxo Jamie

Saturday, December 12, 2009

An awesome MAC giveaway!

This lovely blogger is hosting a MAC giveaway. Here are the rules to her giveaway and it conviently ends on Christmas!

1. You must be a follower of her blog or youtube channel.

2. You have to leave a comment with ONE thing you have on your Christmas list.

3. Post about this giveaway on your blog and link it.

4. Leave your email address in your post.

5. If you win, you must reply back within 24 hours.

6. Giveaway ends on Christmas!!

Good luck everybody : )


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Contest giveaway!

So guys, just wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know that L1LMAMAJ is doing a 50+ follower contest giveaway. The prizes are awesome and her blog is very cool. Awesome information and great FOTD's. Here a link to her blog and the directions to enter this contest!

1. You MUST be a follower of her blog.
2. Leave a comment in the comment box telling her what you like about her blog.
3. Give her suggestions or requests for future posts.
4. Post a link to your blog to the contest and send her a link.

All that should be in the comment box when you enter. Here is a link to the contest post: http://l1lmamaj.blogspot.com/2009/11/50-followers-giveaway-easy-and-good.html

Good luck to everyone!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday (yay) and an update!!

So happy it is Friday. Granted my week FLEW by and I'm glad I can just relax this weekend but lordy lord. I am so tired lately now that it gets dark at a meesly 4 o clock now. Stupid. Anyways, I decided to let you guys know why I haven't updated or anything.

I don't know if any of you girls (or guys) play video games but damn those babies are addicting. I have the Xbox 360 and I mostly play at night when everybody in my house goes to bed cause if not I would keep everybody up with my yelling at the TV and saying how everything is cheating in the game haha. Anyways, to any of you video game nerdies out there, Modern Warfare 2 just came out and I have been playing non stop since it came out. I have a really close knit group of friends that I play with (my boyfriend, his roommate, our friend, and one guy from Cali and another guy in Minnesota) we have all been playing together for about a year, while some of the guys have been playing together for a little while longer. Now, I don't mean to toot my own horn (beep, beep) but I am pretty nasty when it comes to playing. Now mind you, I do have my bad days where I get killed non-stop, but there are days when I just can't be stopped haha. It has taken up so much of my time because of how long the game is, all the playing you have to do and all the new stuff that came with the game. I promise I will update more and more but it's so hard cause I still don't have my computer back so I can't use my camera or upload anything. My boyfriend just got a new computer so I think I'll download all my stuff onto here and update more for you guys since you deserve it.

So, my question for the day today is, if you guys do play video games, what do you play? Who do you play with? Do you play for the challenge or just to have fun? Comments are always welcome and if you would like to know something or want to see a review for something, don't hesitate to email!!

xoxo Jamie

Monday, November 9, 2009

7 crazy things about myself!!

So, I know I have done a couple "tag" posts, but none of them are really personal or tell crazy things about the way I live or why I am the way I am. I thought that this would be the perfect oppurtunity to let it out there, no matter how crazy they may be!!

1. I am completely and utterly OBSESSED with makeup, lotions, hair products, nail polishes, etc. I know what your looking, DUH Jamie, you are writing this on YOUR makeup blog, but it gets worse than that. Most people have all MAC, or all higher end brands. No matter how many times I tell myself I'm going to save my money for all MAC or my money for the next trip to Sephora, I just cannot stop buying drugstore makeup. Some of the stuff is better than most of the higher end stuff out there! I also have a dresser than is SO jam packed on top there is NO room for anything. I have baskets holding everything from hairspray, lotion, and creams to nail polish remover, cotton balls and swabs. Everytime I use a product, I just say I am not going to buy anymore until I start using some of the stuff I have, but then I go to the store and see another product I'd like to try and POOF I buy it haha. Or, I get my weekly Avon book and buy the whole thing and when it comes in, I literally have to pry through things to find room. I don't know how I accumulated all this stuff but one day I woke up and was like where the hell did the top of my dresser go? haha.

2. I used to hate my name when I was younger. I hated the fact that Jamie could be used as a boy name and a girl name. I met one Jamie that was a boy when I was younger and we ended up dating (or whatever it is you do when your in 4th grade and have a crush on somebody). Nobody called him Jamie so it wasn't that awkward, boyfriend and girlfriend having the same name. I also used to hate the fact that every Jamie I met that was a girl had a middle name of Lynn, like me. I always felt like my name wasn't unique enough, but now that I'm older, I embrace my name and actually think it sounds really pretty.

3. When I was younger, I wanted to be a neurologist (brain doctor) so bad. I would always put on my moms white jackets and walk around the house pretending to examine people's brains. As I got older, I realized that I couldn't stand the site of blood. When I was about 6, I got my finger caught in a skee ball machine and it sliced the top of my finger open. All I remember is getting light headed, and getting sick. I realized that medical school wasn't in my future if I couldn't stand the sight of blood. Now that I'm older and coming to the crossroads of figuring out what to do with my life, I'm stuck in a situation where I need to decide if I want to go to medical school to pursue a degree in Psychology, or get my MD license to become a psychiatrist. We shall see.

4. I absolutely LOVE sushi. I remember once when I was in 6th grade, we did this thing on countries, and everybody had to bring in something that had to do with their country. Somebody had Japan, and they brought in sushi to represent their country. It was the kind that is wrapped in seaweed with rice, wasabi, and avacado. I think those are called California rolls if I'm not mistaken. Anyways, I tried one bite of those and I almost yakked all over the place. It was THEE most disgusting thing I have ever tried in my entire life. Fast forward a couple years and one day my dad came home with a bunch of sushi. My dad used to travel alot for work and he always ate out alot with his co-workers instead of staying in a hotel by himself. He brought home things like shrimp, crab, salmon, tuna, and other things. It wasn't the ones that were wrapped, but the ones that are just a shrimp with rice. I again tried it and FELL IN LOVE. I could not get enough of them. Now everytime I go to the Chinese buffett, I run right to the sushi and load up. When I met my boyfriend 4 years ago, he thought it was repulsive that I ate sushi until I made him try it. Now, he eats and tries almost all the sushi while I stick to my shrimp, tuna and salmon sushi haha.

5. Nobody taught me how to read, I taught myself. I remember my mom and dad would always read to me and I would kind of get it as they read. One day, I sat in my room all by myself and sat down on the floor. I picked up a Madeline book and opened it and literally just started reading. I don't know how to explain it, but it seemed that the words just started flowing to my head. I ran out of my room and showed my mom to make sure I knew what the words were and I was reading them correctly, and I was. In school, I was always a quicker reader than most of the kids and it used to get me in trouble because I would finish all my tests and quizzes alot earlier than the other kids and end up sitting there for an hour doing nothing!!

6. I am one of the pickiest eaters and the non pickiest eaters you will ever meet. For a couple examples: I will eat tomatoes, but will not eat the center of them. Whenever we have hamburgers on the grill or BLT's, my dad will cut out the center for me and leave just the ring. I will eat tomato sauce though. I hate cheese on sandwiches but will eat Velveeta pasta and Mac & Cheese. I will eat Swiss cheese on sandwiches, but only if the sandwich is roast beef. Also, I won't eat peas in macaroni salad so my mom always makes a seperate bowl for me. I will only eat peas if I can mix it with rice, and only if I'm eating steak. I know, very weird but that's how I am haha.

7. I told my boyfriend that when and if we ever get married and have our own house, I want doggies. There is just something about coming home and having your best friend meeting you at the door and being so happy to see you. I have a list of all breeds that I want and these are them: Welsh Corgi, Mini Dachshund (also known as the weiner dog haha), Pitbull (I own one now and everybody thinks they are mean, killing machines but that is far from the truth), English bulldog (for the boyfriend), a Samoyed puppy (like the dog from the Proposal, SO CUTE!!) And any other dog I see fit. My boyfriend told me I am limited to 4 dogs at once but he will not yell at me when I come home with puppy after puppy unless I go over the limit of 4 : )

That's it. Those are 7 crazy facts about yours truely. We will make this a tag thread and I am tagging ALL of my readers. Link back to my profile or leave me a comment so I can read your crazy facts!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My top 15 drugstore picks!!

So, I always see people doing these kind of videos about what their favorite products are and a description about why. I decided to make my own list and put it on here since I don't have a camera yet. I have a little bit of everything so enjoy : )

1. Target brand makeup remover wipes, I did a review a couple days ago on this product. You can read the review here. I absolutely love these little bad boys. They basically look like baby wipes. They are pre-moistened so you don't have to wet them or anything. They have just the right amount of product so it doesn't leave your face feeling greasy or oily or weird feeling afterwards. I picked these up on a whim one day and I can't wait to go get more.

2. Eco-Tools brush set. You can get this at Rite-Aid (which is where I got mine) or I've heard of people getting it at WalGreens. This set comes with a big powder/blush brush, eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, angled eyeshadow brush, and lash/eyebrow comb. I was a little skeptical of this set at first but I found what products work with these brushes so I love them now. I use my MAC powder with the big brush, my HIP cream eyeliner with the angled brush and my MAC concealer with what else, the concealer brush!! It also comes with a little pouch that holds it all together but I don't even bother using it.

3. Which leads me to the next item. The HIP creme eyeliner. I have the black one and I absolutely love it. I have heard people of saying that this dries up very quickly but I've had mine for about a year and it's still going strong. I use it on my "natural" days when I don't feel like doing my makeup. I also use it when I'm doing a smokey eye because its extremely easy to blend. Like I said before, I use the Eco-Tools angled brush because the brush that comes with this eyeliner is horrible.

4. Rimmel's quad eyeshadow in Smokey Noir. I think I have showed this in a previous post. Awesome quad to get if you want to do an easy smokey eye under $10. The black in this quad is beyond awesome and has really good payout.

5. Revlon's lipstick in Nude Attitude. I saw this lipstick mentioned on so many blogs/youtube videos and after hearing about it I was determined to go out and buy it. I did and I'm glad. At first I HATED this because I couldn't find a good way to apply this. I looked like a dead corpse in a way, but I found a great way to apply this and now it's the perfect nudey lip for an everyday wear.

6. Avon's blush. Any shade really. I have one and my mom has one and they are awesome. They don't "flake" really. I hate the blushes where you put your brush on it and it's like dust everywhere. This blush really completes a look and isn't to fake looking. It really gives a natural flush to you.

7. Avon's lipstick in Sheer Naturale. I love, love, LOVE this shade. I over pushed on it the other day and it broke though : (. You don't need anything with this lipstick. Just put it on and go. Another great everyday nudey color.

8. Avon's eyeliner. They have about 3 different types of eyeliners they have. I have all three in about 30 of each and I love every single one. I don't see spending $20 on a eyeliner. I just can't bring myself to do it only because I go through eyeliner like crazy because it's something I wear everyday. This goes on really smoothly, lasts all day, and doesn't take alot to achieve definition.

9. L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara. This was probably the first mascara I ever bought. I have tried numerous mascaras throughout the years and can't find one that even compares to this one. Great definition, lasts all day, doesn't smudge and doesn't take alot to achieve a good look.

10. Essence of Beauty brushes. I have the crease duo brushes and the concealer duo brushes. I absolutely love these brushes. You can get them at any drugstore (think Rite-Aid, WalGreens, CVS) and they are awesome. They really apply your makeup well and when you don't have $30+ to buy a brush from the higher ends, it really gets the job done.

11. Clean and Clear in shower facial. I saw this in one of my Fitness magazines. They had a huge list of things you should bring to the gym when your done working out, things you should do after your working out, etc. I have seen this mentioned on TV and really wanted it. But like everything else, I always forget when I go to the store about things I want to try out. I bought this and I absolutely love it. I did a review on it here. Awesome product and really makes my skin feel really clean deep down. I do this maybe once a week or when I feel like my face is outta control and really needs a spankin ; )

12. Maybelline Mineral Blush. I actually bought this at Ocean State Job Lot for like $1. It has a natural flush to it to make it look like your not even wearing blush at all. Awesome mineral pick as well.

13. Crest Whitening Strips. I use these every couple weeks or so. I'll wear them 2-3 days in a row and then give my teeth a break. I drink ALOT of energy drinks so sometimes my teeth get a little to dingy for my liking. I pop these on when I take a shower, do my makeup, do my hair, etc. Take them out a half hour later, brush your teeth and in a couple days your teeth will be whiter.

14. Crest night time whitening toothpaste. Pair this with the whitening strips and you'll have a dazzling smile in no time. Brush your teeth with this right before you go to bed (I suggest doing it literally before you pass out because it does leave a weird feeling on your teeth) then brush off in the morning. A couple days of that and your teeth will be noticably brighter.

15. Garnier Fructis make it wave spray. I bought this awhile ago and LOVE it. It smells amazing and gives my hair a nice beachy wavey look. I get out of the shower, towel dry, spray this in my hair, pin up and wait until it air dries if I have the time. Undo and you have awesome sea shore waves!

I hope you enjoyed this list and I would HIGHLY suggest trying out some of these products. Most of them are really cheap considering you can get them at the drugstore. Probably the most expensive is the whitestrips which can run up to $40 at some places. But enjoy the list and send me some of your favorites : )

xoxo Jamie

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review: MAC mineralize eyeshadow

As alot of you know, MAC has come out with their holiday collection. I haven't made a post yet, but I will soon about all the other stuff they are offering as far as shadows, lipglosses, etc go. This past weekend I stopped at my local MAC counter to see what kind of availability they had as far as the new collection goes. I also wanted to see the new mineralize duos looked and what they looked like when swatched in real life. I have had my eye on Blue Socery since I saw it on the MAC site and I really hoped that they had it there.

When I got to the counter, they did in fact have it. Blue Sorcery is the new mineralize duo that came out. One side is a beautiful teal color and the other side is a silver color. These two paired together look so amazing. I really wanted it more for the teal color because I'm not really a silver eyeshadow wearer much, but I figured I will learn to love it if I want it haha. I swatched this at the counter and automatically fell in love with it. I picked it up within 10 seconds and was already on my way with my purchase. (I also picked up the new Boy Bait Creemsheen Glass, which I will review later in the week)

I used it yesterday and today and I have to say I am not at all impressed with this. It seems to me this swatched 10x better at the counter then at my home. The teal color is VERY pretty in real life and swatched on your hand is amazing. On your eye is a different story. I feel like this shadow is very hard to work with. The teal side has ALOT of fall out. It also wasn't as bright on my eyes as it was on the back of my hand. I was really dissapointed with this because I really felt this color was very beautiful and I could pull alot of looks out of this one color. I tried pairing it with a hot pink color and it wasn't as good as I thought it would come out. Again, it was very hard to work with and not as bright as I wanted it to be.

The silver side is out of control. You cannot use this at all. It is so sheen and so thin that you can't even use this as an all over eyeshadow if you wanted to. The shadow doesn't cover anything, doesn't look good at all, and has so much fallout you look like you got into a fight with a pixie fairy. You could possibly use this as just a little something to give some shimmer to your look but that's about it. I am very dissapointed with this side. I don't want to say I'm dissapointed with the whole shadow because I really do love the colors but I feel MAC could of done alot better with this shadow. I feel like they half assed it compared to the other duos they have. I have the Sea and Sky duo and the way that shadow feels is very smooth and goes on just as it looks in the packaging. Out of a 10, I give the teal a 7 and the silver a 3. You can't really do much with this shadow. I am going to try to find a happy medium with this but as far as I have seen I am not happy with this. Also, the silver side has a rough feeling which I thought was weird only because the other duos have a smooth feeling to them like I have said before.

(Picture courtesy of temptalia)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday list and ELF lookout!

So if anyone hasn't heard of Makeup Geek, you should definitely check out the website. They have an awesome forum (which I am apart of) and she does AWESOME tutorials. Anything from celebrity looks, to how to's, to everyday and wedding makeup. The website is http://www.makeupgeek.com/ Today, they had a questionare in the forums that I answered, but decided to post it here as well with a little more detail since there is a little bit more room. So here is the list and feel free to take it and post on your blog as you see fit.

Name: Jamie Lynn

State: CT

Something about you: Full time college student going to school for Psychology, freelance makeup artist (hopefully this takes off a little bit more), and pro makeup shopper ; )

Hobbies: horseback riding, going on random adventures, being with friends/families, apple picking, going on scenic drives (especially now since it's fall over here in New England)

Things you collect: MAKEUP and now that I think about it I have ALOT of hair products.

Kids: None

Married: No, but have talked about it

Fav color: Baby pink and black. These two colors together in an outfit look so nice.

Vehicle you drive: 2002 Toyota Celica. Its also actually modified. Heres a picture for you guys : )

Fav Music: Rap (not the hardcore stuff, but stuff like Flo-Rida, Lil Wayne, etc), Rock, and Pop

Fav actor: Shia Lebouf, Channing Tatum

Fav actress: Eva Longoria

Fav Makeup: Eyeshadows (especially out on control colors), eyeliner, and lip stuff (lipgloss/lipstick)

Fav Movie: Blow (sounds dirty I know! Johnny Depp is fantastic in that movie though), Enough (with JLo)

Fav eyeshadow: Right now, Cranberry from MAC

Fav Eyeliner: Any. I normally only wear black, so it really doesn't matter what brand I get. Avon, Wet N' Wild, Revlon

Fav Mascara: Right now, it has to be Supercurlacious Mascara in black from Avon. You can read the review I did on it here.

Fav Blush: Covergirl blush in Rose Silk

Fav primer or base? I don't use a primer on my face but I do for my eyes and I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

Fav Foundation? MAC. I used to use drugstore brands ( L'Oreal, Covergirl, Almay) but they always made me break out and I never really found my true color, even after years of searching.

Fav Lipstick? Avon's Sheer Naturale. It's an awesome nudey color. I bought it last week and I am a little mad that I broke it : ( but thank god I got a sample!! It will be my backup until I can buy another one.

Fav Lipgloss: "Mouthwatering" LE from MAC. I got this in the 08 holiday set last year. I also really like NYC's Pink Sand. (review on that one is available, but I will be doing another drugstore lipgloss review soon equipped with pictures)

Fav lipliner: None, I don't wear lipliner.

Makeup that you absolutely dislike: As much as I really am a drugstore makeup kinda girl (especially some of the eyeshadows and lippies that are available) I currently and not being a fangirl of the Covergirl eyeshadows. Some of them are awesome (think Turqouise Tempest), but other ones are not pigmented at all and don't hold their color even with a base.

Makeup that you want to try: Ben Nye, Barry M, NYX, ELF (I have a couple things from ELF but I want to get alot more considering the price and all the good things I hear about them.
So, now that the list is out of the way, I got an email from ELF cosmetics today letting me know that their Studio line is 50% off. Use promo code EGSTUDIOX. You can only use it up to a $50 discount. I am definitely going to be picking some stuff up and stacking it up at the boyfriends house so I don't have to lug my makeup everytime I go to his house : ). Once I get stuff I will be doing reviews on everything I get so look out for that as well!!
xoxo Jamie

Friday, October 9, 2009

Face cleanser review : )

Well, it seems to me that Avon loves to never have my cleanser in stock or never available when I go to order it, so it has come to me that it was time to find a new cleanser. To my astonishment, my skin has been under control and looking pretty good lately, so I decided that I should find something I can use once every couple of days when I feel like my skin needs a good, deep cleaning. I got an issue of my Fitness magazine in, and they had a huge layout of things to bring in to the gym, and awesome products that the readers felt was worth mentioning. I got to the face section and they had mentioned the Clean and Clear in shower facial as being the best for a good cleaning. I had heard about it before but whenever I hit up the store, it's usually because I know what I am there for and never venture off unless I have a good amount of time to look. I looked for it awhile back and did look for it, but they also didn't have it in stock so therefore I totally forgot about it.

Yesterday was payday (YES my first check!! It felt awesome by the way), after I put money aside for bills and going out, I hit up Walmart. I had to get hair dye because I'm getting highlights on Friday and I wanted my hair to be all one color (instead of having my brown roots come in). So I remembered the layout in the magazine and went over to the face cleaning aisle. They only had THREE of these left (which could be a good sign) and I'm surprised I even saw them because they were pushed way back. I quickly grabbed one and ran. As I was walking, I looked to see what exactly you have to do. It says right on the back to use about 1-3 times a week or as needed. Apply onto your face (but don't massage) and leave for one minute. After leaving it on, massage into your face to activate the beads and rid yourself of dry, dead skin. I was on my way home feeling pretty good about my purchase. I had already showered and washed my face for the day so I knew that today would be a good day to try (after working out and really getting my face sweaty and dirty, what more do you need?).

So, I took my shower, did my washing and shaving, and got ready to apply my in shower facial. Apparently, it works with your shower steam to really get down into your pores and give your skin and awesome cleaning. I applied as I was supposed to and let it take action. I have to say that I didn't feel anything at first, but really started to feel it get down into my pores. It felt like it was kind of like heating up in a way. Then, my skin started feeling nice and refreshed. I actually left it on for about 3 minutes cause I still was shaving my legs in the process of putting it on so I went back to that as it was taking action. After I was done shaving my legs I touched my face and to my surprise there were little exfoilating beads all over my face! I started massaging into my face and then washed away. I got out of the shower, dried my face by patting and then went on my mary little way. I have to say that my face feels SO good. I didn't put on any moisturizer and I feel like my face literally just got a facial like it says it is supposed to do. It feels very clean and smooth as well. I didn't think a drugstore brand like this would work as good as it does. I normally don't buy Clean and Clear only because I have never had much luck with it and all their products smell so bad whenever I use them.

But, I am glad I made this purchase and I would recommend this to ANYBODY who would want a cheapy facial when you can't make it to a salon or spa. It doesn't cost much ($5.67) and for the price and what it does, you can't go wrong AT all. I think they could give you a LITTLE more product, only because it doesn't seem like there's much in there.

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Price: I paid $5.67 but could vary between stores.
Would I buy again?: Yes

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Makeup remover review : )

I recently was on the prowl for a nice makeup remover. My Clinique eye makeup remover is almost out and I wanted to at least find some wipes. I did have moist towelettes for remover, but I hated the way it made my skin feel afterwards. It would make it feel kind of sticky with a weird feeling on my skin. I went to the mall the other daya with my boyfriend and they had a Target right next door. I decided to walk in there and see if they had anything good (which they always do it seems). I just happend to walk by the end of the aisle, and they had Target brand makeup remover wipes just sitting there. They were only $3.00!! I told my boyfriend I wanted them to try them out and also who could resist that price? So, I bought them. I didn't use them right away, but the next morning when I woke up, I looked like I went through a blender and back. I picked up my handy dandy wipe and started wiping away. Even though it WAS a Target brand, and they were really cheap, I have to say that the quality of these wipes are exceptionally good. It really gets rid of all my makeup and helps to moisturize my face at the same time. It doesn't leave a weird feeling afterwards on my face and it doesn't make my face feel sticky. They come in packs of 25, and like I mentioned before, a price tag of $3.00 (or more depending on your area and store, I've seen them online for $3.59 as well). They are VERY moisturzing and they don't have a harsh feeling or smell either.

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Price: can very anywhere between $3.00-$4.00
Would I buy again?: Yes

Monday, October 5, 2009

Just a quick update :)

So, as some of you may know, I wasn't working for awhile. There were just NO jobs out there and I was having a really hard time finding ANYTHING. Everytime I went to an interview I got the whole, "well, you really don't have much experience." LISTEN buddy, how am I supposed to get experience when YOU won't hire me BECAUSE I have no experience? See the vicious circle? haha. Anyways, I finally got a JOB!!!! YES. It will help me pay my bills and have a little extra for makeup and anything else my little heart desires!! So, I will still be posting but now you will see MORE reviews since I will have the money to buy things and hopefully it will allow me to get my computer back so I can start taking pictures of reviews and products cause this situation is not working out for me! So wish me luck with this new job situation I got going on here!!

xoxo Jamie

Sunday, October 4, 2009

MAC launches- Holiday 09

So, as most of you may know if you ever buy MAC or follow MAC, at least once every couple months, they release new trends, collections, etc. Every holiday they come out with little holiday sets. (As you may recall my post about my C-Thru lipglass, which was part of the little darlings holiday 08 collection). This year, they are coming out in forces, so make sure your wallet is fat for these bad boys!! Here is a list and pictures of what they are offering.

First, here are pictures and descriptions of the lipglass sets they are coming out with ($29.50):

Sexy Shenanigans (Soft)

Elle- White pink
Poetic License- Coral rose
Cruise Control- Pastel pink
Ensign- Peachy pink
Morning Glory- Pale pearly pink

Frisky Business (Bright)

Silly Girl- Pastel peach

Totally It- Sheer bright pink
Beaute- Bright coral
Pinkarat Soft- Toned pink
Wonderstruck- Pinky coral

Models Misbehaving (Deep)

Pinkular- Bronzed copper
Magnetique- Violet fuschia
Gitane- Reddish orange
Angelwing- Deepened plum
Instant Gold- Light neutral gold

Second, here are pictures and descriptions of the mini pigment sets that they are offering this holiday season ($32.50)

Haute High Jinks (Warm)

Jardin Aires- Tan with gold specks
Rushmetal- Copper sparkle
Copperized- Olive Green
Museum Bronze- Rich brown
Reflects Gold- Gold

Cool Capers (Cool)

Kitschmas- Light shimmery pink
Fuchsia- Bright with pink pearl
Grape- Deep purple
Deep Blue Green- Deep bluish green
Reflects Transparent Teal- Teal Glitter

Sexpot (Smokey)

Naked- Beige with copper pearl
Sunnydaze- Apricot pearl
Chocolate Brown- Chocolate copper
Dark Soul- Black with gold specks
Reflects Antique Gold- Gold glitter

Next, are the eye and lip bag's they are coming out with. These come with assorted items as listed below with pictures ($36.50)

Put a Spell on You (Pink)

Dream lipstick- Pink
Baby Sparks dazzleglass- Pale pearl pink
Dervish lip pencil- Mauve

House of Mirth (Deep)

Fantasia lipstick- Deep rose
Get Rich Quick dazzleglass- Yellow Brown
Cedar lip pencil- Rose brown

Naughty Noir (Eyeset)

Blacktrack fluidline- Black cream eyeliner
Shimmertime pigment- Baby pink
Zoomblack Mascara- Black (promo size)
209 SE brush

Alakazam Chocolate (Eyeset)

Rich fluidline- Brown creme eyeliner
Melon pigment- Golden peach
Zoomblack Mascara- Black (promo size)
209 SE Brush

Now, last but not least (I know, your bank is ringing your neck right now) here are some awesome brush sets they are offering this season. I personally won't be picking any of these up, only because I have a couple of the full size ones, and some of the sets already have special edition brushes I have from my set from last year. I could NOT get pictures of these sets, only because my computer is acting up and will not load them for me. I'm sure everybody know's what these brushes look like, so imagine them mini style : ) ($49.50)

Do the Trick (Buff and Line set)


Wave of a Wand (Sweep and Define set)


Morning, Noon, and Knight (Everything Eye Set)


Now, I went to my MAC counter today and asked when they would have these and they said anywhere around October 15. I have heard as late as November, but I think we could all shoot for October, or around the middle of this month. For my list of wants, this is what I am expecting to get only because I think I might die without them!!

Put a Spell on You (lipset)
Naughty Noir (eyeset)
Sexy Shenanigans (lipglass set)
Cool Capers (pigment set)
Sex pot (pigment set)

I hope this helps everybody figure out what they want and gives everybody a little time to save up! I will be adding more collection info as soon as I hear it!!

xoxo Jamie

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October: Breast cancer awareness month :)

Today marks the first day of Breast Cancer awareness month. I have already helped with this by buying some stuff off of my Avon page (I bought a pair of nursing clogs for my mom and a water bottle for me when I go workout). Each product you buy, a percentage goes twords researching breast cancer. Avon has a full program dedicated to breast cancer and everything that goes along with it. I really recommend anybody to check it out and please help out. I know a couple ladies who have breast cancer (my boyfriends mom included) and one of my friend's mothers passed away about a year ago to this cancer as well. I try to help out as much as possible. Please do the same, somebody's sister/mother/aunt/daughter/grandaughter, etc may be counting on it!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...and a blog TAG

1. Mood

Eh. Upset because I am unemployed with NO money

2. Hobbies other than makeup?

horseback riding, motocross, going crazy with friends, going on adventures with no destination, AND many other cool things that 21 yr olds do ;)

3. Hair

A low ponytail with my bangs bumped up with a little baby clip

4. What’s your favorite snack?

Anything as long as it's not fattening and bad for you. I try to steer clear of things that aren't good for me.

5. Outfit
I'm wearing pink Pink! sweatpants from Victoria's Secret with a black tank top and a Aeropostale hoodie.

6. Eyes/lips/cheeks

Nothing, I'm naked on my face. O NO!!!!

7. What’s your preferred method of hair removal?
I wax my eyebrows and shave everywhere else. I don't have alot of hair so I don't have to worry about stuff like that.

8. What are your plans this summer?

Summer just passed and it was horrible because it rained about 96% of the time.

9. Are you a night or a morning person?
Night. I hate waking up.

10. Weekly goals

Get a job, think of some new makeup looks and have fun for the weekend :)

Hair product review

So, as I said when I first started this blog, I said that this wasn't just going to be a blog about JUST makeup. I would touch on things that is all things beauty. Today, I am going to do a review on a product I bought recently from Avon. It's called Planet Spa hair mask. I always loved hair masks, even when I was younger. You don't do them all the tme, but maybe once a week or once every two weeks, depending on how often you need it. My hair is always pretty well taken care of and I always make sure to not kill it with heat and hair products. This mask is a green color and the smell kind of reminds me of any cucumber melon lotion. It's a very thick cream and all you do is put it in your hair after shampooing and let it sit. In my bathroom, I have a bath comb which is a comb I keep in the shower to comb the hair masks through my hair. It really helps it get through my hair and I would definitely suggest investing in one, they aren't expensive at all and really help to make your hair that much healthier.

I did upload a picture, and I'm sorry for the crappy resolution, but again I am not using my computer so I don't have my camera software on here. So this is what the mask looks like.

If anyone is interested in this product, feel free to visit my Avon page and buy it. It's a great investment and compared to some of the other masks out there, very inexpensive. So here is my rundown on this product:

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Price: can vary between $3-$7 depending on campaign and any specials they are having
Would I buy again?: Yes

The reason why I gave the packaging only 4 is because honestly I feel like they could of made the packaging a little bit bigger. I think for the price it's good, but I would like it a bit bigger, especially for people like me with long hair. I could go through alot depending on how much I need, but other than that this is a GREAT product. I would recommend it to anybody that needs a little bit healthier hair, and would like their hair to be silky, shiny, soft and beautiful : )

Friday, September 25, 2009

Everything you need for the perfect makeup kit : )

So, I know when I was starting out with the whole freelance makeup situation, I could never find an actual good list for new makeup artists starting out and things they would need or things that would come in handy when you would need them. So here is a full list of everything I have seen people use and/or have in their kit. Brand does NOT matter as I know everyone cannot afford MAC or Urban Decay or the higher end brands. Go to the drugstore, and get some awesome stuff for you AND your makeup kit if you want!! So without further adu, here is the list:

Basic brushes you will need and Tools:


Blush brush
Large Powder brush
Foundation brush
Concealer brush


Lash brush (this is one of those brushes you see with the lash comb and the eyebrow groomer on the other end) I use the lash side to seperate my eyelashes and the grooming side to groom those fly aways!!
Angled brow brush
Eyeliner brush
Blending brush (for example, the Sonia Kashuk big blender brush)
Eyeshadow brush
Large shader brush

Tools of the trade : )

Wedge sponges
Lash curler
Pencil sharpener
Brush cleaner (VERY helpful if you are doing a dramatic look and need a couple of the same brushes but for different colors)
Diluted alcohol in spray bottle (disinfect working areas, especially with this Swine Flu going around)
Hand sanitizer (for you and everybody else. Again, with these sicknesses, you don't want to take a chance)
Cotton Balls
Business cards and/or flyers

Now, in my opinion I cannot afford MAC. Of course I am starting my collection ever so slowly, but I found that buying palettes is very cost effective and will help you until you can build your kit to be as big and expensive as you want. So here are some palettes I found that I think would be helpful..


Awesome website for palettes. The ones I think would be a good bet are:

88 warm palette (awesome for those natural/neutral eyes and can even be used to a more dramatic eye using all warm colors

88 makeup palette (NON shimmer). The reason I picked non shimmer is because if you are going to be doing alot of weddings, you don't want your bride to look like a christmas ornament. The flash of the cameras will pick up on all that shimmer and it will reflect off of that. Not good if you want your bride to be flawless. Matte finishes are always a safe, better bet. ONLY get the shimmer palette if you feel you would absolutely need it, or in any case, just to have!!

Camoflauge concealer palette- Awesome palette to have. It comes with a bunch of concealers for every skin color and it really can save on money if you are looking for something that has a little big of everything for you.

Blush palette- Comes with 10 blush colors. Pinks, peachies, browns, and a couple darker colors. Awesome for having everything you need right there and then.

Some other things to consider!!

Also, when being a makeup artist, you want to be as SANITARY as possible. This means to wipe off everything after being used, and keeping everything from being shared. This is a huge problem with mascara. The best tip I can tell anyone is to PLEASE get disposable mascara wands. Dip once, apply, then THROW AWAY!! Do NOT use a second time, or double dip. I found that some places sell them in quanities of 1000, and can very in price from $30-$90. I did find a package of 75 for $8.40 on camerareadycosmetics.com This would be good for somebody that doesn't get alot of clients or maybe is starting out and doesn't need that many applicators to begin with

Other things needed:

Lip liner
Clear Brow Gel (to again, tame those fly aways and make sure everything stays in place)
Shine eraser (you can get these little babies at places like Sephora and ELF)
Gum and/or breath mints (since your going to be up close and personal with these people, you don't want your breath smelling like doo doo)
Brush belt (useful if you want your hands to be free of holding brushes, or you don't feel like turning around every 4 seconds to grab another brush)
Train case (to keep everything organized and pretty looking)

I hope this helps anybody that is looking to build a kit but may not know what to put in it or what they should start out with. Good luck to everybody if they are branching out to freelancing and if anybody has anything they would like added to the list, feel free to email or comment!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another quick post for a giveaway!!

Another quick post for everybody! Miss Mercury Lady is doing her very first giveaway. Anyone can enter and here are the rules!!

1. You MUST be a follower

2. You MUST post her giveaway on your blog/website

3. Post the link where you posted her giveaway

4. Tell her one of your HG items and why she would try it out!!

The winner will be picked via random.org!! Good luck to everybody!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

EOTD (pictureless, Sorry!!)

So, I'm sorry I won't have a picture for this EOTD, but my computer is currently being wiped clean because it was corrupted by my boyfriend's roommate (yay right?) So, I'm on my dad's laptop and he is really strict about me downloading stuff onto his computer so I can't use my camera. I tried getting a picture of my eyes through my phone but the image sucked so I chucked it. I will let you know when I will be getting a picture, I will just recreate the look for everybody.

This EOTD is very dramatic, and very colorful. Even though fall is right around the corner, I still love wearing bright colors and reminding everybody that just because cold weather is around the corner, we shouldn't forget about the colors that remind us of warm weather!! So without further adue, here is everything I used with a quick tutorial on how to do it.

Items Used:
Ultra luxury liner by Avon in Eggplant (if you don't have an Avon rep and would like this item, remember I am a representative and you can shop my store and have everything sent to your door (youravon.com/jamiereding)
Covergirl single eyeshadow in Lime Alive
Revlon color quad in Cherry Blossom (third color down, pink color)
Covergirl single eyeshadow in Turqouise Tempest
Almay color quad in Smokey Noir (just black color for definition)
Jane single eyeshadow in Hip Bone for a highlight
Avon supercurlacious mascara in Black

Quick Tutorial:
Take any primer you have (I happend to use UDPP, "Urban Decay Primer Potion") which I will be doing a review on in a couple days. For that post I really want a camera for pictures!

Take any small brush (I used one I actually got from Ocean State Job Lot. It's a dual brush, pencil brush on one side and eyeliner brush on the other). Take the pencil side and take Lime Alive. Pat, don't brush on the color in the inner corners of your lid.

Take any eyeshadow brush. Take the pink color from the Revlon quad and put that on just the middle of the lid, right next to the Lime Alive. Keep the last 3rd of your lids open for the teal color.

Take another eyeshadow brush and take Turqouise Tempest. Put that on the last 3rd of your lids.

Take the black from the Almay quad and put in on your outer v.

Start back from the beginning and BLEND. When you are working with numerous colors such as these, the easiest way I can tell you to blend is to take every color and overlap them as you go. It will start to naturally blend the colors. So for example, start with Lime Alive again, and gently sweep a little onto the pink, then take the pink and gently sweep it onto the teal. It will blend naturally and look nice.

Take Lime Alive and put it on your lower lash line. Stop at the middle of your lashline.

Take the pink color and do the same on the lower lash line. Stop at the teal color.

Take the teal color and do the rest of your lower lash line.

Take the Hip Bone color and take a blender brush. I used Sonia Kashuk's big blender brush. I usually take the color and pat it all over under my brow bone, and then gently blend it out. This way, it helps to blend while you can still see the highlight color. Blend any harsh edges you may have and clean up any fallout you may have under your eyes.

Line your waterline with the Eggplant eyeliner.

Curl and apply your mascara on your eyelashes.

Ta-da!!! EOTD achieved. Again, I'm sorry about this picture situation but as soon as I get my computer back I will be uploading pictures faster than you can say upload! Have fun with this awesome looks and leave some comments about how you like it : )

xoxo Jamie

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not makeup related, but needs to be said!!

So, yesterday was the MTV VMA's (which was also my 21st Birthday!! Happy Birthday to me). Can we just talk about how ARROGANT and IGNORANT Kanye West is? How DARE you take away from a young girls proud moment. Taylor Swift deserved that award as I am a huge fan of hers. Beyonce was nominated for 8 other awards!! If anybody watched the before footage where she basically said how she loved both Beyonce AND Lady Gaga and said, "I don't have a chance of winning at all, but I just love the fact that I'm here" and then you go and do something like that? I'm glad your ignorant ass won NO awards and you were booted seconds after that happened. If anybody is a Kanye West, I truely feel bad for the fact that you are potentially giving this asshole any sort of income and lining his pockets with money when he can't even have the common courtesy of even LETTING a girl reap her awards for everything she does and how hard she works to get where she is. I am deleting all his music off my iPhone and iPod, and will make sure none of my friends listen to him. Please do the same, as this person as no right to even be called a famous celebrity, let alone make money for being ignorant.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Check out this awesome contest :)

So, on another blog that I follow, I stumbled upon this blog that has awesome information and is a really good blog to follow. She also happens to be hosting a contest with a MAC giveaway. You basically leave a comment saying what eyeshadow, lipstick, lipglass and blush you would like. The contest ends September15, and is only one winner. I am linking her blog through mine so you can check it out!! Check out the entire blog, there are AWESOME posts in there!! Take care xox


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So, I'm an AVON lady now : )

So guys, I know I am sincerely slacking here but alot of personal things went on in my life this summer and I was not able to get to a computer because of it. I am deciding not to share on here even though this is my blog and I feel I should connect with you guys in some way. Anyways...

I just wanted to write a quick blog to let you guys know that I am officially an Avon representative. Now, your probably thinking, ok but you live nowhere near us (for you guys who don't live in or around CT) so how in the hell are we gonna buy your products. Well my friends, I am also an eRep. This means, that you guys can now order through my website from the comfort of your own home. All you do is shop, pay and get it delivered to your house. We never have to see eachother face to face for you to enjoy your Avon products. If any of you guys have any questions about this, feel free to email me any and all questions. My website through Avon is www.youravon.com/jamiereding Enjoy it and get the word out!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Drugstore lipgloss review

So, I have looked high and low on other blogs looking for reviews on drugstore brands. It seems like every single blog out there kind of veers twords Sephora type brands and definitely MAC brands. So, I went on a little haul this weekend for myself to Wal-Mart. I picked up some nail polish, and some lipgloss. The lipgloss I got was from the company NYC, which is New York Color. This company was probably the first company I ever bought makeup from because of how cheap it is and how nicely the payoff is. Now, one thing that SO many people think is that if it's a drugstore brand, there is no payoff what so ever and it's cheaply made. SORRY but you people who think that are SO wrong.

The lipgloss I picked up was the color pink sand which is number 538. It kind of looks like a peachy pink more than anything. The website does have a swatch on it, but it looks NOTHING like it does in real life. This lipgloss is probably my new go to lipgloss. I LOVE IT. It smells like a nice fruity scent, has awesome payoff, and looks awesome. It also doesn't take alot to show the color either. I was always very weery of pinkish/reddish lip colors because I felt they always made my teeth look like a funky color, but this color makes my teeth look EXTREMELY white. I would suggest it to anyone and at $1.86 a pop, you seriously cannot go wrong.

Overall: 5 out of 5
Price: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Would I buy again: Yes

There are also additional shades available to anybody that isn't a pinkish kind of person. Anything from nudey type colors to purples and I think one or two red colors. So go out and stock up because with this economy and this pricing, it's a steal!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eyebrow Gel review

So, the other day I went on a haul because I was upset and stressed out and shopping seems to make me feel better. I spent a whopping 60 bucks at Target and got a lot of nice things. I thought I'd share my review on a clear brow gel I got.

Now, I was using CoverGirls. I don't know if it was technically for your eyebrows, but I used it anyway. I didn't really like it only because I hated the feeling it made my eyebrows feel like. It always made them feel really stiff, and I would have to wait a good 10 minutes for them to dry before I could put any make up on. The other week I thought I lost my brow gel (even though I didn't, it fell behind my vanity) so I decided it would be a good time to buy one.

I settled on Sonia Kashuk's. It was $5.99. I thought that was a little pricey but I knew I needed it, so I really didn't mind. I bought it and went home. I didn't try it until the next day but I have to say, it is a lot better than the one I was using. It doesn't make my eyebrows feel wet or stiff at all. It actually just goes on perfectly fine and dries within seconds. It kept my eyebrows in place all day and nobody could tell I had gel in them even though before you could. I would give this product a 5/5 and would recommend it to anyone to tame those fly aways. My eyebrows are always all over the place so it's definitely a great product. Here is what it looks like. You can only find this at Target, so make sure you don't go somewhere else and then wonder why you can't find it.