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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My top 15 drugstore picks!!

So, I always see people doing these kind of videos about what their favorite products are and a description about why. I decided to make my own list and put it on here since I don't have a camera yet. I have a little bit of everything so enjoy : )

1. Target brand makeup remover wipes, I did a review a couple days ago on this product. You can read the review here. I absolutely love these little bad boys. They basically look like baby wipes. They are pre-moistened so you don't have to wet them or anything. They have just the right amount of product so it doesn't leave your face feeling greasy or oily or weird feeling afterwards. I picked these up on a whim one day and I can't wait to go get more.

2. Eco-Tools brush set. You can get this at Rite-Aid (which is where I got mine) or I've heard of people getting it at WalGreens. This set comes with a big powder/blush brush, eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, angled eyeshadow brush, and lash/eyebrow comb. I was a little skeptical of this set at first but I found what products work with these brushes so I love them now. I use my MAC powder with the big brush, my HIP cream eyeliner with the angled brush and my MAC concealer with what else, the concealer brush!! It also comes with a little pouch that holds it all together but I don't even bother using it.

3. Which leads me to the next item. The HIP creme eyeliner. I have the black one and I absolutely love it. I have heard people of saying that this dries up very quickly but I've had mine for about a year and it's still going strong. I use it on my "natural" days when I don't feel like doing my makeup. I also use it when I'm doing a smokey eye because its extremely easy to blend. Like I said before, I use the Eco-Tools angled brush because the brush that comes with this eyeliner is horrible.

4. Rimmel's quad eyeshadow in Smokey Noir. I think I have showed this in a previous post. Awesome quad to get if you want to do an easy smokey eye under $10. The black in this quad is beyond awesome and has really good payout.

5. Revlon's lipstick in Nude Attitude. I saw this lipstick mentioned on so many blogs/youtube videos and after hearing about it I was determined to go out and buy it. I did and I'm glad. At first I HATED this because I couldn't find a good way to apply this. I looked like a dead corpse in a way, but I found a great way to apply this and now it's the perfect nudey lip for an everyday wear.

6. Avon's blush. Any shade really. I have one and my mom has one and they are awesome. They don't "flake" really. I hate the blushes where you put your brush on it and it's like dust everywhere. This blush really completes a look and isn't to fake looking. It really gives a natural flush to you.

7. Avon's lipstick in Sheer Naturale. I love, love, LOVE this shade. I over pushed on it the other day and it broke though : (. You don't need anything with this lipstick. Just put it on and go. Another great everyday nudey color.

8. Avon's eyeliner. They have about 3 different types of eyeliners they have. I have all three in about 30 of each and I love every single one. I don't see spending $20 on a eyeliner. I just can't bring myself to do it only because I go through eyeliner like crazy because it's something I wear everyday. This goes on really smoothly, lasts all day, and doesn't take alot to achieve definition.

9. L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara. This was probably the first mascara I ever bought. I have tried numerous mascaras throughout the years and can't find one that even compares to this one. Great definition, lasts all day, doesn't smudge and doesn't take alot to achieve a good look.

10. Essence of Beauty brushes. I have the crease duo brushes and the concealer duo brushes. I absolutely love these brushes. You can get them at any drugstore (think Rite-Aid, WalGreens, CVS) and they are awesome. They really apply your makeup well and when you don't have $30+ to buy a brush from the higher ends, it really gets the job done.

11. Clean and Clear in shower facial. I saw this in one of my Fitness magazines. They had a huge list of things you should bring to the gym when your done working out, things you should do after your working out, etc. I have seen this mentioned on TV and really wanted it. But like everything else, I always forget when I go to the store about things I want to try out. I bought this and I absolutely love it. I did a review on it here. Awesome product and really makes my skin feel really clean deep down. I do this maybe once a week or when I feel like my face is outta control and really needs a spankin ; )

12. Maybelline Mineral Blush. I actually bought this at Ocean State Job Lot for like $1. It has a natural flush to it to make it look like your not even wearing blush at all. Awesome mineral pick as well.

13. Crest Whitening Strips. I use these every couple weeks or so. I'll wear them 2-3 days in a row and then give my teeth a break. I drink ALOT of energy drinks so sometimes my teeth get a little to dingy for my liking. I pop these on when I take a shower, do my makeup, do my hair, etc. Take them out a half hour later, brush your teeth and in a couple days your teeth will be whiter.

14. Crest night time whitening toothpaste. Pair this with the whitening strips and you'll have a dazzling smile in no time. Brush your teeth with this right before you go to bed (I suggest doing it literally before you pass out because it does leave a weird feeling on your teeth) then brush off in the morning. A couple days of that and your teeth will be noticably brighter.

15. Garnier Fructis make it wave spray. I bought this awhile ago and LOVE it. It smells amazing and gives my hair a nice beachy wavey look. I get out of the shower, towel dry, spray this in my hair, pin up and wait until it air dries if I have the time. Undo and you have awesome sea shore waves!

I hope you enjoyed this list and I would HIGHLY suggest trying out some of these products. Most of them are really cheap considering you can get them at the drugstore. Probably the most expensive is the whitestrips which can run up to $40 at some places. But enjoy the list and send me some of your favorites : )

xoxo Jamie


  1. In your post at Point no.5 you says you have found a way to apply the revlon lipstick in nude attitude, i too am facing the same problems, very frustrating, will you care to explain how you applied it?

  2. Well, when I first bought it, I honestly didn't know how in your face it really was. The best way I found to apply this while still not making yourself look like a corpse is this:

    First, I take any kind of lip balm, chapstick, anything. But nothing that has a color to it. Just something that will make your lips really smooth and so you can see no lines when you apply the lipstick. After that, I take the lipstick and DAB it on my lips. I don't apply it like a lipgloss or go all over my lips. I just dab it all over my lips and then smooth it out with my finger. I found dabbing it doesn't give you that corpse look but still gives the impression that your wearing a nude lip. It also helps to not look "matted" on. Let me know if that helps!