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Friday, September 25, 2009

Everything you need for the perfect makeup kit : )

So, I know when I was starting out with the whole freelance makeup situation, I could never find an actual good list for new makeup artists starting out and things they would need or things that would come in handy when you would need them. So here is a full list of everything I have seen people use and/or have in their kit. Brand does NOT matter as I know everyone cannot afford MAC or Urban Decay or the higher end brands. Go to the drugstore, and get some awesome stuff for you AND your makeup kit if you want!! So without further adu, here is the list:

Basic brushes you will need and Tools:


Blush brush
Large Powder brush
Foundation brush
Concealer brush


Lash brush (this is one of those brushes you see with the lash comb and the eyebrow groomer on the other end) I use the lash side to seperate my eyelashes and the grooming side to groom those fly aways!!
Angled brow brush
Eyeliner brush
Blending brush (for example, the Sonia Kashuk big blender brush)
Eyeshadow brush
Large shader brush

Tools of the trade : )

Wedge sponges
Lash curler
Pencil sharpener
Brush cleaner (VERY helpful if you are doing a dramatic look and need a couple of the same brushes but for different colors)
Diluted alcohol in spray bottle (disinfect working areas, especially with this Swine Flu going around)
Hand sanitizer (for you and everybody else. Again, with these sicknesses, you don't want to take a chance)
Cotton Balls
Business cards and/or flyers

Now, in my opinion I cannot afford MAC. Of course I am starting my collection ever so slowly, but I found that buying palettes is very cost effective and will help you until you can build your kit to be as big and expensive as you want. So here are some palettes I found that I think would be helpful..


Awesome website for palettes. The ones I think would be a good bet are:

88 warm palette (awesome for those natural/neutral eyes and can even be used to a more dramatic eye using all warm colors

88 makeup palette (NON shimmer). The reason I picked non shimmer is because if you are going to be doing alot of weddings, you don't want your bride to look like a christmas ornament. The flash of the cameras will pick up on all that shimmer and it will reflect off of that. Not good if you want your bride to be flawless. Matte finishes are always a safe, better bet. ONLY get the shimmer palette if you feel you would absolutely need it, or in any case, just to have!!

Camoflauge concealer palette- Awesome palette to have. It comes with a bunch of concealers for every skin color and it really can save on money if you are looking for something that has a little big of everything for you.

Blush palette- Comes with 10 blush colors. Pinks, peachies, browns, and a couple darker colors. Awesome for having everything you need right there and then.

Some other things to consider!!

Also, when being a makeup artist, you want to be as SANITARY as possible. This means to wipe off everything after being used, and keeping everything from being shared. This is a huge problem with mascara. The best tip I can tell anyone is to PLEASE get disposable mascara wands. Dip once, apply, then THROW AWAY!! Do NOT use a second time, or double dip. I found that some places sell them in quanities of 1000, and can very in price from $30-$90. I did find a package of 75 for $8.40 on camerareadycosmetics.com This would be good for somebody that doesn't get alot of clients or maybe is starting out and doesn't need that many applicators to begin with

Other things needed:

Lip liner
Clear Brow Gel (to again, tame those fly aways and make sure everything stays in place)
Shine eraser (you can get these little babies at places like Sephora and ELF)
Gum and/or breath mints (since your going to be up close and personal with these people, you don't want your breath smelling like doo doo)
Brush belt (useful if you want your hands to be free of holding brushes, or you don't feel like turning around every 4 seconds to grab another brush)
Train case (to keep everything organized and pretty looking)

I hope this helps anybody that is looking to build a kit but may not know what to put in it or what they should start out with. Good luck to everybody if they are branching out to freelancing and if anybody has anything they would like added to the list, feel free to email or comment!!

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