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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fourth post-fourth must have!!

Hello boys and girls. This post is coming in late but I've had a busy day. I went to Kmart and Wal-mart today and was so tempted to buy some new brushes or some new make up, but the boyfriend veered me away from it all. Damn him to hell!! Anyways, I figured yet again, this is my fourth post in this blog, so we will talk about our fourth must haves.

I am so serious when I say this. I cannot live without eyeliner. Whoever is the inventor of eyeliner, I would love to just take you and plant a huge kiss on you. As far as eyeliner goes, I will wear any brand. Avon, Covergirl, Revlon, BonneBell, etc. I really think all eyeliner does the same job so for people to spend $30+ on a stick of blackness, is far beyond my thinking. I'm pretty content with my 99 cent one I've been using most recently, and hey it lasts all day long. Who woulda thought. Now, for some people, they wear all sorts of different colors. For me, I only wear black eyeliner. I've tried other colors, but it just doesn't look right on me. Not to say it won't look good on anybody else, so please experiment around people. I have and just found that black is MY color. I usually just apply eyeliner on the bottom of my eye. I know some people do it on their actual eyelid, under their eyelid on the top and more. I just do the bottom of my eye. Be careful so you don't poke your eye out if you ever try this for the first time. Some people just can't do it because of how close they are to their eye but it's really not that big of a deal once you get used to it.

Next (fourth) must have it definitely eye shadow. Duh. I have all different colors, by all different brands. What I usually do is wear a certain eyeshadow for about 2 weeks and then switch to something different. I get bored easily with my make up, so to change it up really helps. The only time I'll change it to something dramatic is when I'm doing out somewhere special and would really like my eyes to pop or I'm just trying something different to see if something works. I've noticed to find the look that works best for yourself is to seriously, just experiment. I have spent numerous hours in front of a mirror with all my make up in front of me and just put everything together and found some things that looked good together, or found something that looked like I did my make up in the dark. Since I use all different brands and colors of eyeshadow I won't talk about just one until I start doing reviews for you guys, it will just make it easier for everything. But to apply my eyeshadow I only use 4 different brands of brushes. I use Essence of Beauty which I talked about before. I use everything from the crease brush to the smudge brush, depending on what look I am doing for that day. I also use Avon's all over eyeshadow brush. It is a really soft brush and applies the color very evenly. You can get this at Avon.com or a representative. You can search for one of these online at the website. I also use Models Prefer. I am not quite sure where you get these brushes exactly. I know they have a website, but I received mine through a family friend that worked for a distribution company that sold these. Most of the brushes from Models Prefer are double sided. I am not a huge fan of double sided brushes because they are hard to take care of, but I like these brushes because of the quality. Last but not least, I use MAC eyeshadow brushes. These are the softest brushes I have ever felt and they are perfect for any look you are trying to achieve. It all depends on what you like and what kinda brushes you are looking for.

My last fourth must have would have to be mascara. The topping on the cake. I only use one brand, and one brand only. I use L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara. I have tried every mascara out there, and this tops everything I have ever used. It makes your eyes really pop and it coats on very evenly, and it doesn't dry and harden like some other mascaras. It gives your eyelashes a very soft feeling and of course it lasts all day!! It comes right off with some make up remover, but won't run if you catch yourself crying. I have cried a good couple of cries with this mascara on and it doesn't run at all. I just apply one coat to the top lashes, one on the bottom and then a little trick I do is put the mascara in between both, close my eye and pull the brush outward. It coats the eyes perfect and you get it pretty evenly. Just be careful you don't poke your eye because I've done that a couple times and it hurts, alot.

So, that's pretty much it. There you go. Four days, and you know everything I wear for the most part. Now since we have done that, the reviews will come, along with some tutorials. My sister is still being my model, god love her. I put that girl through some looks. But they will be coming shortly and hopefully this will help you guys achieve some looks that maybe you guys didn't know were possibly, or didn't know how to work out. So, what are you eye must have's since that was mostly was today was about. What eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara do you use? What kind of colors? How do you apply them? What brushes do you use? Have fun with it guys and have a good one!!

xo Jamie

The eyeliner..(basic look since I use about 80 different brands)


The eyeshadow..(basic look since I use about 80 different brands for this also)


The mascara..


And the brushes..(in order Essence of Beauty, Avon, Models Prefer, and MAC)





Friday, December 26, 2008

Third post-third must have's!!

As I said yesterday, I hope everybody had an awesome holiday. I definitely did. I hope everything got what they asked for. I have been using my sister as a dummy for some different looks for make up and I think they are coming out very well. Once I get all the kinks out and think of some names for these looks I will definitely be posting them up for everybody to try out, along with pictures. I have about two so far, both very pretty. So be on the look out for those bad boys. Now, since this is the third post of this new blog, lets talk about our third must have.

My third must have is technically two, only because I'm not going to make two separate posts for these because they are two very tiny, but very important items that I use. The first would have a concealer stick. As of right now I am using Wet N' Wild (found at any Kmart or WalMart). I use this for only under my eyes. I think without it, my eyes look extremely dull even if I don't have under eye circles so I make sure that I always use this. It works great, and even though the brand I use is a cheaper one, it gets the job done. Remember, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on make up and certain brands to make yourself look good. Even a 79 cent eyeliner will make you look fabulous.

My second (third) must have is MAC's eye prep and prime. I normally don't always wear this if I'm going out to run errands or going to work. I usually use this on maybe an eyeshadow that I bought that maybe doesn't hold it's color to good or doesn't last as long as I'd like. It's great to use, especially if your going somewhere for the night and need your eye make up to last. All I do is pat my finger a little bit and rub it onto my eyelid. That's basically it. Easy as pie. These two work great together especially when you really want your eyes to pop.

So, since this is my third post, you know the deal. What kind of concealer sticks do you use if any? How do you apply them? Do you wear them all the time? Let's talk about what kinds of brands everybody uses.

The concealer stick..


MAC's prep and prime for eye's..

O and don't mind my fat pug peeking her head in these photos, she is by far the nosiest dog ever haha. I gotta love my Gingy Poo though.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas-and second must have!

Hello everybody! Hopefully everybody had a Merry Christmas and received the things they wanted. I know I did!! As far as make up goes, I received some MAC make up and their eye brush set. As far as the actual make up, I received an eyeshadow and also their holiday lip gloss set in Neutral. I won't be posting any pictures of these just yet because I haven't used them yet so I haven't had a chance to review for you guys. I hope everybody has a great Christmas dinner and has a safe and happy holiday. On to the make up!!

Now, yesterday I did my first must have and shared with everybody so I figured I'll keep going until I'm done with my make up that I use everyday. For my second must have, it definitely has to be MAC Select Sheer Powder in NC40. I apply this with an Essence of Beauty Limited Edition Blusher. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to find a picture of my actual brush because it is a limited edition one and I bought it over 3 yrs ago. The Essence of Beauty line can be found at any CVS or KMart. They have sets also if you would prefer that. They are GREAT brushes for the price in my opinion. The reason I technically use a blush brush instead of an actual powder face brush is I feel it gets the right amount of coverage. It doesn't cake it on and it makes it easier to apply to all the places that I need to apply it too. I used to use other face powder brands such as CoverGirl and Avon but nothing really ever stayed put as good as MAC does. It stays on all day long, is very lightweight and looks natural. I know some face powders get that "yellowy" look to them and it looks really fake, especially people that aren't too pale but aren't naturally tan either. There is never really a happy medium with some brands. These are the only 2 things I use to apply my powder. So since today is Christmas, I'm going to keep this post short and continue it tomorrow. Go spend some time with the family and enjoy those presents boys and girls. But, if you have some extra time on your hands, let everybody know what YOUR second must have is. What kind of powder do you use if any? How do you apply it? What brushes do you use? Share with us.

Here is a picture of my blush brush that I use to apply my powdered foundation...

and the logo to show you that it is an Essence of Beauty brush..

The pressed powder..

What the powder looks like inside..
The back of the powder container and my color- NC40!!

Happy Holidays everybody!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First Post-First Must Have

Since this is the first post in this new blog, I figured we'll start out with saying what this blog is about and then have a daily question to go along with it. This blog will soon become your go to for all your make up needs. That means we will have tutorials, how to's, get the looks, where to buy, and so much more. Everybody is entitled to add their comments and have fun with it, after all that's why we are here. I will not tolerate mean comments towards other users or myself. If you can't agree on something, then agree to disagree. I am not into petty arguments and stuff that doesn't even matter. No two people are going to wear the same make up, you might swear by one brand while another person may hate it. Say your peace and move on with it. If you do not, I will remove comments as I see fit and will continue to do so if it is kept up. I don't want to be unfair about things, or a bitch for that matter but if I have to I will. Let's keep this blog clean and fun.

I'll start out by introducing myself since this is my blog. My name is Jamie and I'm 20 yrs old. I am currently a full time college student pursuing a PhD in psychology. I am obsessed with make up. More than people would think. I have a whole drawer dedicated to make up. I will buy a piece of make up that catches my eye even if I have the same color in 10 different brands at home. I'm sure everybody knows what I'm talking about.

This blog is not limited to brands either. We can discuss anything from L'Oreal, MAC, Makeup Forever or Avon. Along with the comments, I would love to have people send me emails on certain things we should talk about. If you wanna talk about a certain eyeshadow color from Urban Decay, we will. If you wanna talk about how good or crappy something is, let me know. We will also be doing reviews on certain products as well. Kind of like your go to guide for the good, bad and ugly.

I would just like to make it known that I am in NO way a certified make up artist. I am only here to give my opinions on products, talk about make up, and give tutorials on the way I or people I know do things. You can do whatever you like with your own make up, but sometimes people get stuck on certain things that they can't figure out how to do and would like a little help along the way. If anybody on here IS a certified make up artist, write up some tutorials and I will add them to the blog. You will get credit for whatever you write. Pictures would also help with these because I know when it comes to make up, most people are visual learners anyways.

To add, this is also a blog for skin care also, since we all know make up and skin care can go hand in hand. We will also be doing reviews on moisturizers, cleansers, and everything in between.

Alright, since I think we all understand the point of this blog and what it's going to be like, I think we should get started with my or your first must have. For me, the first thing thing I put on for my make up is foundation. I use MAC SPF 15 Foundation in NC37. Before I found this foundation, I would always get so so coverage. 2 hours after I would apply, I could tell it was gone. This foundation in my opinion is one of the best I have ever owned. It goes on very smoothly, evenly, and lasts pretty much all day. MAC has a couple different foundations that serve different purposes, but this is the one that I use.

The way that I apply this is very simple. If I have a couple blemishes around my face that I know won't cover up very easily, I will take a foundation brush, (some people call this the concealer brush, it's basically the same thing) dab it into the top of the foundation top and apply to my blemishes as needed. I use Mark's mini brush set foundation brush (which is a brand off of Avon). It's a great size for people with small hands like me, and it comes in a cute case with about 5 other brushes. If I don't have any blemishes, I take a concealer wedge (you can find these at any CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, KMart, etc) put foundation on it, and then dab five dots onto my face. My forehead, my two cheeks, chin, and nose. I then just blend in as I usually would. The reason I do the dots is because it makes it easier to get every inch of my face without slathering on so much foundation it looks like somebody took a paint bucket and splashed it onto my face. It looks really natural and doesn't look like I'm wearing anything at all. I picked this tip up at a modeling school I went to and it works very well.

Alright girls (and maybe guys) let's talk about our favorite foundation, what brands we use, and what ways we apply it. Let us know why you use it, or why you don't feel like it's very necessary to use it. This is going to be a great blog, and I hope it gives everybody alot of great information on something as unique as this. Remember, if you have an idea you really want to have discussed please let me know. I can't think of everything on my own and would love to hear ideas. Have fun with it and keep it friendly!!

Much love,
Jamie xo

PS: I will always add pictures of the products I use or a product I mentioned so people know exactly what to look for when shopping. Since I mentioned the foundation, foundation brush, and cosmetic wedges, I will show you some pictures so people get an idea.

The foundation from the front..


And the foundation from the back..

The foundation brush..


The brush set where the foundation brush can be found... (check Avon.com for availability)


I took a picture of the actual cosmetic wedge that I use. I do have the triangle shaped ones too, but I like using these round ones for my whole face since they are a little bigger. I got this specific one at Rite-Aid a couple months ago. I don't know if they still sell these but you can literally get these little guys anywhere make up is sold.