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Friday, October 9, 2009

Face cleanser review : )

Well, it seems to me that Avon loves to never have my cleanser in stock or never available when I go to order it, so it has come to me that it was time to find a new cleanser. To my astonishment, my skin has been under control and looking pretty good lately, so I decided that I should find something I can use once every couple of days when I feel like my skin needs a good, deep cleaning. I got an issue of my Fitness magazine in, and they had a huge layout of things to bring in to the gym, and awesome products that the readers felt was worth mentioning. I got to the face section and they had mentioned the Clean and Clear in shower facial as being the best for a good cleaning. I had heard about it before but whenever I hit up the store, it's usually because I know what I am there for and never venture off unless I have a good amount of time to look. I looked for it awhile back and did look for it, but they also didn't have it in stock so therefore I totally forgot about it.

Yesterday was payday (YES my first check!! It felt awesome by the way), after I put money aside for bills and going out, I hit up Walmart. I had to get hair dye because I'm getting highlights on Friday and I wanted my hair to be all one color (instead of having my brown roots come in). So I remembered the layout in the magazine and went over to the face cleaning aisle. They only had THREE of these left (which could be a good sign) and I'm surprised I even saw them because they were pushed way back. I quickly grabbed one and ran. As I was walking, I looked to see what exactly you have to do. It says right on the back to use about 1-3 times a week or as needed. Apply onto your face (but don't massage) and leave for one minute. After leaving it on, massage into your face to activate the beads and rid yourself of dry, dead skin. I was on my way home feeling pretty good about my purchase. I had already showered and washed my face for the day so I knew that today would be a good day to try (after working out and really getting my face sweaty and dirty, what more do you need?).

So, I took my shower, did my washing and shaving, and got ready to apply my in shower facial. Apparently, it works with your shower steam to really get down into your pores and give your skin and awesome cleaning. I applied as I was supposed to and let it take action. I have to say that I didn't feel anything at first, but really started to feel it get down into my pores. It felt like it was kind of like heating up in a way. Then, my skin started feeling nice and refreshed. I actually left it on for about 3 minutes cause I still was shaving my legs in the process of putting it on so I went back to that as it was taking action. After I was done shaving my legs I touched my face and to my surprise there were little exfoilating beads all over my face! I started massaging into my face and then washed away. I got out of the shower, dried my face by patting and then went on my mary little way. I have to say that my face feels SO good. I didn't put on any moisturizer and I feel like my face literally just got a facial like it says it is supposed to do. It feels very clean and smooth as well. I didn't think a drugstore brand like this would work as good as it does. I normally don't buy Clean and Clear only because I have never had much luck with it and all their products smell so bad whenever I use them.

But, I am glad I made this purchase and I would recommend this to ANYBODY who would want a cheapy facial when you can't make it to a salon or spa. It doesn't cost much ($5.67) and for the price and what it does, you can't go wrong AT all. I think they could give you a LITTLE more product, only because it doesn't seem like there's much in there.

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 3 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Price: I paid $5.67 but could vary between stores.
Would I buy again?: Yes

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