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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...and a blog TAG

1. Mood

Eh. Upset because I am unemployed with NO money

2. Hobbies other than makeup?

horseback riding, motocross, going crazy with friends, going on adventures with no destination, AND many other cool things that 21 yr olds do ;)

3. Hair

A low ponytail with my bangs bumped up with a little baby clip

4. What’s your favorite snack?

Anything as long as it's not fattening and bad for you. I try to steer clear of things that aren't good for me.

5. Outfit
I'm wearing pink Pink! sweatpants from Victoria's Secret with a black tank top and a Aeropostale hoodie.

6. Eyes/lips/cheeks

Nothing, I'm naked on my face. O NO!!!!

7. What’s your preferred method of hair removal?
I wax my eyebrows and shave everywhere else. I don't have alot of hair so I don't have to worry about stuff like that.

8. What are your plans this summer?

Summer just passed and it was horrible because it rained about 96% of the time.

9. Are you a night or a morning person?
Night. I hate waking up.

10. Weekly goals

Get a job, think of some new makeup looks and have fun for the weekend :)

Hair product review

So, as I said when I first started this blog, I said that this wasn't just going to be a blog about JUST makeup. I would touch on things that is all things beauty. Today, I am going to do a review on a product I bought recently from Avon. It's called Planet Spa hair mask. I always loved hair masks, even when I was younger. You don't do them all the tme, but maybe once a week or once every two weeks, depending on how often you need it. My hair is always pretty well taken care of and I always make sure to not kill it with heat and hair products. This mask is a green color and the smell kind of reminds me of any cucumber melon lotion. It's a very thick cream and all you do is put it in your hair after shampooing and let it sit. In my bathroom, I have a bath comb which is a comb I keep in the shower to comb the hair masks through my hair. It really helps it get through my hair and I would definitely suggest investing in one, they aren't expensive at all and really help to make your hair that much healthier.

I did upload a picture, and I'm sorry for the crappy resolution, but again I am not using my computer so I don't have my camera software on here. So this is what the mask looks like.

If anyone is interested in this product, feel free to visit my Avon page and buy it. It's a great investment and compared to some of the other masks out there, very inexpensive. So here is my rundown on this product:

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Price: can vary between $3-$7 depending on campaign and any specials they are having
Would I buy again?: Yes

The reason why I gave the packaging only 4 is because honestly I feel like they could of made the packaging a little bit bigger. I think for the price it's good, but I would like it a bit bigger, especially for people like me with long hair. I could go through alot depending on how much I need, but other than that this is a GREAT product. I would recommend it to anybody that needs a little bit healthier hair, and would like their hair to be silky, shiny, soft and beautiful : )

Friday, September 25, 2009

Everything you need for the perfect makeup kit : )

So, I know when I was starting out with the whole freelance makeup situation, I could never find an actual good list for new makeup artists starting out and things they would need or things that would come in handy when you would need them. So here is a full list of everything I have seen people use and/or have in their kit. Brand does NOT matter as I know everyone cannot afford MAC or Urban Decay or the higher end brands. Go to the drugstore, and get some awesome stuff for you AND your makeup kit if you want!! So without further adu, here is the list:

Basic brushes you will need and Tools:


Blush brush
Large Powder brush
Foundation brush
Concealer brush


Lash brush (this is one of those brushes you see with the lash comb and the eyebrow groomer on the other end) I use the lash side to seperate my eyelashes and the grooming side to groom those fly aways!!
Angled brow brush
Eyeliner brush
Blending brush (for example, the Sonia Kashuk big blender brush)
Eyeshadow brush
Large shader brush

Tools of the trade : )

Wedge sponges
Lash curler
Pencil sharpener
Brush cleaner (VERY helpful if you are doing a dramatic look and need a couple of the same brushes but for different colors)
Diluted alcohol in spray bottle (disinfect working areas, especially with this Swine Flu going around)
Hand sanitizer (for you and everybody else. Again, with these sicknesses, you don't want to take a chance)
Cotton Balls
Business cards and/or flyers

Now, in my opinion I cannot afford MAC. Of course I am starting my collection ever so slowly, but I found that buying palettes is very cost effective and will help you until you can build your kit to be as big and expensive as you want. So here are some palettes I found that I think would be helpful..


Awesome website for palettes. The ones I think would be a good bet are:

88 warm palette (awesome for those natural/neutral eyes and can even be used to a more dramatic eye using all warm colors

88 makeup palette (NON shimmer). The reason I picked non shimmer is because if you are going to be doing alot of weddings, you don't want your bride to look like a christmas ornament. The flash of the cameras will pick up on all that shimmer and it will reflect off of that. Not good if you want your bride to be flawless. Matte finishes are always a safe, better bet. ONLY get the shimmer palette if you feel you would absolutely need it, or in any case, just to have!!

Camoflauge concealer palette- Awesome palette to have. It comes with a bunch of concealers for every skin color and it really can save on money if you are looking for something that has a little big of everything for you.

Blush palette- Comes with 10 blush colors. Pinks, peachies, browns, and a couple darker colors. Awesome for having everything you need right there and then.

Some other things to consider!!

Also, when being a makeup artist, you want to be as SANITARY as possible. This means to wipe off everything after being used, and keeping everything from being shared. This is a huge problem with mascara. The best tip I can tell anyone is to PLEASE get disposable mascara wands. Dip once, apply, then THROW AWAY!! Do NOT use a second time, or double dip. I found that some places sell them in quanities of 1000, and can very in price from $30-$90. I did find a package of 75 for $8.40 on camerareadycosmetics.com This would be good for somebody that doesn't get alot of clients or maybe is starting out and doesn't need that many applicators to begin with

Other things needed:

Lip liner
Clear Brow Gel (to again, tame those fly aways and make sure everything stays in place)
Shine eraser (you can get these little babies at places like Sephora and ELF)
Gum and/or breath mints (since your going to be up close and personal with these people, you don't want your breath smelling like doo doo)
Brush belt (useful if you want your hands to be free of holding brushes, or you don't feel like turning around every 4 seconds to grab another brush)
Train case (to keep everything organized and pretty looking)

I hope this helps anybody that is looking to build a kit but may not know what to put in it or what they should start out with. Good luck to everybody if they are branching out to freelancing and if anybody has anything they would like added to the list, feel free to email or comment!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another quick post for a giveaway!!

Another quick post for everybody! Miss Mercury Lady is doing her very first giveaway. Anyone can enter and here are the rules!!

1. You MUST be a follower

2. You MUST post her giveaway on your blog/website

3. Post the link where you posted her giveaway

4. Tell her one of your HG items and why she would try it out!!

The winner will be picked via random.org!! Good luck to everybody!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

EOTD (pictureless, Sorry!!)

So, I'm sorry I won't have a picture for this EOTD, but my computer is currently being wiped clean because it was corrupted by my boyfriend's roommate (yay right?) So, I'm on my dad's laptop and he is really strict about me downloading stuff onto his computer so I can't use my camera. I tried getting a picture of my eyes through my phone but the image sucked so I chucked it. I will let you know when I will be getting a picture, I will just recreate the look for everybody.

This EOTD is very dramatic, and very colorful. Even though fall is right around the corner, I still love wearing bright colors and reminding everybody that just because cold weather is around the corner, we shouldn't forget about the colors that remind us of warm weather!! So without further adue, here is everything I used with a quick tutorial on how to do it.

Items Used:
Ultra luxury liner by Avon in Eggplant (if you don't have an Avon rep and would like this item, remember I am a representative and you can shop my store and have everything sent to your door (youravon.com/jamiereding)
Covergirl single eyeshadow in Lime Alive
Revlon color quad in Cherry Blossom (third color down, pink color)
Covergirl single eyeshadow in Turqouise Tempest
Almay color quad in Smokey Noir (just black color for definition)
Jane single eyeshadow in Hip Bone for a highlight
Avon supercurlacious mascara in Black

Quick Tutorial:
Take any primer you have (I happend to use UDPP, "Urban Decay Primer Potion") which I will be doing a review on in a couple days. For that post I really want a camera for pictures!

Take any small brush (I used one I actually got from Ocean State Job Lot. It's a dual brush, pencil brush on one side and eyeliner brush on the other). Take the pencil side and take Lime Alive. Pat, don't brush on the color in the inner corners of your lid.

Take any eyeshadow brush. Take the pink color from the Revlon quad and put that on just the middle of the lid, right next to the Lime Alive. Keep the last 3rd of your lids open for the teal color.

Take another eyeshadow brush and take Turqouise Tempest. Put that on the last 3rd of your lids.

Take the black from the Almay quad and put in on your outer v.

Start back from the beginning and BLEND. When you are working with numerous colors such as these, the easiest way I can tell you to blend is to take every color and overlap them as you go. It will start to naturally blend the colors. So for example, start with Lime Alive again, and gently sweep a little onto the pink, then take the pink and gently sweep it onto the teal. It will blend naturally and look nice.

Take Lime Alive and put it on your lower lash line. Stop at the middle of your lashline.

Take the pink color and do the same on the lower lash line. Stop at the teal color.

Take the teal color and do the rest of your lower lash line.

Take the Hip Bone color and take a blender brush. I used Sonia Kashuk's big blender brush. I usually take the color and pat it all over under my brow bone, and then gently blend it out. This way, it helps to blend while you can still see the highlight color. Blend any harsh edges you may have and clean up any fallout you may have under your eyes.

Line your waterline with the Eggplant eyeliner.

Curl and apply your mascara on your eyelashes.

Ta-da!!! EOTD achieved. Again, I'm sorry about this picture situation but as soon as I get my computer back I will be uploading pictures faster than you can say upload! Have fun with this awesome looks and leave some comments about how you like it : )

xoxo Jamie

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not makeup related, but needs to be said!!

So, yesterday was the MTV VMA's (which was also my 21st Birthday!! Happy Birthday to me). Can we just talk about how ARROGANT and IGNORANT Kanye West is? How DARE you take away from a young girls proud moment. Taylor Swift deserved that award as I am a huge fan of hers. Beyonce was nominated for 8 other awards!! If anybody watched the before footage where she basically said how she loved both Beyonce AND Lady Gaga and said, "I don't have a chance of winning at all, but I just love the fact that I'm here" and then you go and do something like that? I'm glad your ignorant ass won NO awards and you were booted seconds after that happened. If anybody is a Kanye West, I truely feel bad for the fact that you are potentially giving this asshole any sort of income and lining his pockets with money when he can't even have the common courtesy of even LETTING a girl reap her awards for everything she does and how hard she works to get where she is. I am deleting all his music off my iPhone and iPod, and will make sure none of my friends listen to him. Please do the same, as this person as no right to even be called a famous celebrity, let alone make money for being ignorant.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Check out this awesome contest :)

So, on another blog that I follow, I stumbled upon this blog that has awesome information and is a really good blog to follow. She also happens to be hosting a contest with a MAC giveaway. You basically leave a comment saying what eyeshadow, lipstick, lipglass and blush you would like. The contest ends September15, and is only one winner. I am linking her blog through mine so you can check it out!! Check out the entire blog, there are AWESOME posts in there!! Take care xox