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Friday, September 18, 2009

EOTD (pictureless, Sorry!!)

So, I'm sorry I won't have a picture for this EOTD, but my computer is currently being wiped clean because it was corrupted by my boyfriend's roommate (yay right?) So, I'm on my dad's laptop and he is really strict about me downloading stuff onto his computer so I can't use my camera. I tried getting a picture of my eyes through my phone but the image sucked so I chucked it. I will let you know when I will be getting a picture, I will just recreate the look for everybody.

This EOTD is very dramatic, and very colorful. Even though fall is right around the corner, I still love wearing bright colors and reminding everybody that just because cold weather is around the corner, we shouldn't forget about the colors that remind us of warm weather!! So without further adue, here is everything I used with a quick tutorial on how to do it.

Items Used:
Ultra luxury liner by Avon in Eggplant (if you don't have an Avon rep and would like this item, remember I am a representative and you can shop my store and have everything sent to your door (youravon.com/jamiereding)
Covergirl single eyeshadow in Lime Alive
Revlon color quad in Cherry Blossom (third color down, pink color)
Covergirl single eyeshadow in Turqouise Tempest
Almay color quad in Smokey Noir (just black color for definition)
Jane single eyeshadow in Hip Bone for a highlight
Avon supercurlacious mascara in Black

Quick Tutorial:
Take any primer you have (I happend to use UDPP, "Urban Decay Primer Potion") which I will be doing a review on in a couple days. For that post I really want a camera for pictures!

Take any small brush (I used one I actually got from Ocean State Job Lot. It's a dual brush, pencil brush on one side and eyeliner brush on the other). Take the pencil side and take Lime Alive. Pat, don't brush on the color in the inner corners of your lid.

Take any eyeshadow brush. Take the pink color from the Revlon quad and put that on just the middle of the lid, right next to the Lime Alive. Keep the last 3rd of your lids open for the teal color.

Take another eyeshadow brush and take Turqouise Tempest. Put that on the last 3rd of your lids.

Take the black from the Almay quad and put in on your outer v.

Start back from the beginning and BLEND. When you are working with numerous colors such as these, the easiest way I can tell you to blend is to take every color and overlap them as you go. It will start to naturally blend the colors. So for example, start with Lime Alive again, and gently sweep a little onto the pink, then take the pink and gently sweep it onto the teal. It will blend naturally and look nice.

Take Lime Alive and put it on your lower lash line. Stop at the middle of your lashline.

Take the pink color and do the same on the lower lash line. Stop at the teal color.

Take the teal color and do the rest of your lower lash line.

Take the Hip Bone color and take a blender brush. I used Sonia Kashuk's big blender brush. I usually take the color and pat it all over under my brow bone, and then gently blend it out. This way, it helps to blend while you can still see the highlight color. Blend any harsh edges you may have and clean up any fallout you may have under your eyes.

Line your waterline with the Eggplant eyeliner.

Curl and apply your mascara on your eyelashes.

Ta-da!!! EOTD achieved. Again, I'm sorry about this picture situation but as soon as I get my computer back I will be uploading pictures faster than you can say upload! Have fun with this awesome looks and leave some comments about how you like it : )

xoxo Jamie

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