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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Short little survey : )

I know I have told you guys this about a million times, but I truly am sorry that I have not posted in about 2 months. Like I said, I got a new job, had no computer and couldn't upload anything to my dad's computer. I feel like such a slacker. But now that Christmas is literally two days away, I am going to invest in a smaller digital camera to take tutorial shots and more pictures. I have a DSLR, but I found to take pictures with it is really hard. Especially of swatches, looks and other things. Those camera's aren't light and I'm not strong enough to hold it in one hand, make it steady and get it to focus manually since it has a huge lens and everything else. I have SO MANY looks that I've done that I would love to recreate for you guys and hopefully I can start doing major reviews and everything else for you guys. I really want to spend a lot of time on this blog and get more followers. I will have a contest when I reach anywhere between 50-100 followers so hopefully you guys will start following. : ) Anyways, I know I do a TON of these little survey things but it's a place holder for now until I get a new camera. So here is one more for you guys to get to know me haha

Shampoo: I use Suave Professionals in Humectant. A mix between a coconut smell and Paul Mitchell shampoo.

Conditioner: Same as shampoo.

Styling products: Avon or Paul Mitchell hair serum, if I'm blow drying and straightening my hair I will use V05 heat spray. I'm not sure if they still make this or not, but it's an awesome drug store brand product and smells really good.

Shower Gel: Depends on my mood. I change it all the time although during the winter I will use Suave's limited edition Hot Cocoa body wash. SMELLS AMAZING.

Body moisturiser: Bath & Body Works in Black Raspberry. I'm almost totally out and they don't make this kind anymore, not that I've seen anyways since they made the new look, smells and bottles.

Deodorant: Degree

Fake Tan: My bestie works at a salon so I mystic it up for free. I also use a UVB bed since it's supposed to be better for you in the longer run.

Cleanser: Normal soap. I swear. I hardly have problems with my skin so that's all I use. Sometimes I will use Clean N' Clear's in shower facial.

Exfoliator: None.

Primer: I don't use one but I use Mark's refresh spray before I do my makeup. Keeps my skin very refreshed and dewey for when I put my makeup on.

Foundation Brush: MAC's 187 brush and a sponge.

Foundation: MAC in NC 37 I think?? I don't know, I just go there and buy it. I never remember the number though haha

Concealer: MAC

Powder: MAC NC 40?? Again, never remember.

Blusher: Right now, Cover Girl in Rose Silk.

Bronzer: I never use this in the winter unless I tan, but I use Sephoras bronzer that I bought I think two summers ago. It came with a lipgloss, bronzer, and bronzer brush.

Highlighter: Avon cream highlighter.

Eyeshadow base: UDPP

Eyeshadows: Right now, MAC Cranberry, Avon's Quad in a purple color (name escapes me) and Avon's Quad in Textured Teal.

Eyeliner: Any. I'm using Avon's luxury liner.

Curler: Revlon

Mascara: Avon's Supercurlacious

Lipstick: Any, I use a different one everyday

Lipgloss: Any, I use different ones everyday

Nail Colour: Right now, I have a pretty pink OPI color on. My friend did my nails and she told me it was a "breast cancer awareness color" I don't remember the name but its BEAUTIFUL

Hope that surpasses the time and doesn't make you guys hate me for being so slack-a-rific when it comes to this blog. More to come I promise, promise, PROMISE!!

xoxo Jamie

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