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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eyebrow Gel review

So, the other day I went on a haul because I was upset and stressed out and shopping seems to make me feel better. I spent a whopping 60 bucks at Target and got a lot of nice things. I thought I'd share my review on a clear brow gel I got.

Now, I was using CoverGirls. I don't know if it was technically for your eyebrows, but I used it anyway. I didn't really like it only because I hated the feeling it made my eyebrows feel like. It always made them feel really stiff, and I would have to wait a good 10 minutes for them to dry before I could put any make up on. The other week I thought I lost my brow gel (even though I didn't, it fell behind my vanity) so I decided it would be a good time to buy one.

I settled on Sonia Kashuk's. It was $5.99. I thought that was a little pricey but I knew I needed it, so I really didn't mind. I bought it and went home. I didn't try it until the next day but I have to say, it is a lot better than the one I was using. It doesn't make my eyebrows feel wet or stiff at all. It actually just goes on perfectly fine and dries within seconds. It kept my eyebrows in place all day and nobody could tell I had gel in them even though before you could. I would give this product a 5/5 and would recommend it to anyone to tame those fly aways. My eyebrows are always all over the place so it's definitely a great product. Here is what it looks like. You can only find this at Target, so make sure you don't go somewhere else and then wonder why you can't find it.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Haul, Review and some GREAT news!!!

So, I have been busy busy with school. Like 4 quizzes, I already have a project and working. My head is spinning. And on top of that my uncle has me making a brochure for a game dinner he is throwing. Thanks fam :) appreciate it haha. So anyways, I thought I'd share the haul I got the other day. I forgot to take a picture of another nail art pen I got, but its basically just hot pink. Also, to anyone that wants to use these, make sure after you put the art on your nails you put a clear base coat on. Those pretty little nails I did the other day did not make it through the night because I didn't think you needed to put a base coat on, but ya do. So thats that.

So, the other day I ordered from Everydayminerals.org. They have this awesome deal where you get to pick 5 samples for free and all you have to pay for is shipping and handling. I thought that was cool since this will be the first time for me using mineral make up and I didn't really know much about the shades and coverage, but so far I like it. I used it today and actually like how it felt like I was wearing no make up. It actually also covered pretty well, I was kind of nervous about that part. So here are my 5 samples I got and the names of them.

This one is Light Olive. This is what I used on myself today and thought it came out pretty good.


Like a retard, I didn't take a picture of the name of this one but it's called.. Fawn.




This is the blush Email Me. Great color and payoff I must say.

And last but not least, Fairly light neutral


So there are the samples. They are small so it's really hard to get a kabuki brush in there, but I worked around the smallness and got it to work. I suggest everybody going on that site and ordering some and trying it out. I have nothing bad to say about it yet so go try it out.

Now, onto the rest of the haul. I bought 1 more NYC lipsticks, an NYC lipliner to go along with my red lipstick on the previous haul, the Nail Art pen, and Maybellines new Lash Stiletto Mascara which my review will be on today. So pictures of the haul.

NYC lipliner..


Lash Stiletto..


The lipsticks..


The swatches.. colors from top to bottom are Petal (this is almost a splitting image of Chiffon from the previous haul) number 314B and Smooch number 407B. Smooch kind of reminds me of a summer peach color. Awesome!!


So on to my review. I'm not going to lie, I was very skeptical about veering away from my beloves mascara from L'Oreal. But, that container and the commercial really caught my eye. It was also on sale at CVS for like 6 bucks. Not bad. So, I decided to try it out today. My opinion: It's a good mascara, but not the best. The smell to me is out of control. This is why I remembered why I never bought Maybelline mascara, they always smell so funky. Also, the brush is kind of thin so it's hard to start from the root and close your eye and wiggle like I do. I'm used to a thick brush and this isn't so I kind of kept poking my eye out. Even with that said, it does apply evenly and it did give me volume, and believe it or not lasted all day. So in the end, I would give this product a 4/5. Only point taken off for that funky ass smell. Hated that. Also, I absolutely love the name and container. Great job Maybelline!! So here are two pictures of my eyes with the mascara. Now, I want to point out that these pictures were taken like 12 hours after I did my make up. So think of my well my eyes looked with this on right away. I will use this mascara tomorrow also and show you what it looks like when you first apply it.


Time for funky eye time!!


Now on to my GREAT news. Today my boyfriend surprised me with the fact that he is paying for me to take a make up course at a cosmetology school near my town. I am SO HAPPY and can't wait to start and then bring all my learnings over here for you guys. I think you recieve a whole brush set and huge make up palette so I'm excited about that also. So thanks lover boy aka Dan. Gotta love that boyfriend. He knows I'm obsessed so why not apply it to something good!! So I hope you enjoy everything and I'll be doing more reviews soon.

xO Jamie

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Haul, review, and EOTD

So, I came home today and uploaded those pictures of my EOTD for you guys! I didn't forget which I'm happy about. So yesterday I went to CVS and bought some stuff so I wanted to share some swatches for you and also I bought the new Sally Hansen nail art pen. I saw it on another blog and automatically wanted it so when I found them I was really excited. They didnt have the color I wanted (black) so I was stuck getting red, but I really like it so I'm happy I got it. All you do is push the pen on a hard surface until some product comes out and then you can apply it to your nail. You can do any design your little heart desires. My nails are really short (because once I get the tiniest crack or soft spot in them I bite them to living hell) so the only design I could really do was little dots. It kinda reminds me of a ladybug though and since ladybugs mean good luck, can't argue with that :) I give this product a 5/5 and I will definately be buying more. I found these at CVS (obviously) but you can probably find them at CVS, WalGreens, Wal-Mart, etc. If you guys find them in any other places, let me know and I will make a list of where they were found. So here is what the nail pen looks like..


And this was the design I did. I just used a base coat of just normal black nail polish. It says not to put it on your base nail, to use a base coat which makes sense. So here is my nail.


So besides the nail art pen with the haul I also bought 4 NYC lipsticks and a white eyeliner pencil from them. Here are the lipsticks I bought. The colors from left to right are Blossom, number 316B, Chiffon, number 312B, Retro Red, number 308B, and Flirty, number 417B.


And here are some swatches for you guys. Blosson and Flirty kind of look alike on my skin, but as you can see from the previous picture, there is a bit of a difference in color in them. The swatches from left to right are Blossom, Chiffon, Retro Red, and Flirty.


And last but not least, that EOTD I promised you. This one again is REALLY basic and I think I might wear out on Valentines Day with the boyfriend. Again, I will name everything I used for my eyes and what I did.


Me a little less squinty..


What I used..

Almay Black eyeliner
MAC Prep & Prime in Medium
Avon pink eyeshadow (this is kind of a no name shadow I bought awhile ago. Any pink shimmery eyeshadow will do really)
Avon brown color from neutral eyeshadow palette (I used the last brown color in the 8 in 1 palette my mom bought) again this is a no name because it's just called the neutral palette. Any medium brown will do
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black

Brushes used..

All over eyeshadow brush
Crease brush

What I did..

1. Apply black eyeliner on your waterline

2. Apply Prep & Prime all over your eyelid and a little bit above your crease

3. Take your pink eyeshadow and apply all over lid, with eyeshadow brush. Do not go past the crease. Apply as little or as much as you'd like. I used alot to get that real bright pink color to my eyes.

4. Take your crease brush and dab it into your brown color. Apply into your crease and on the outer part of your lid. Apply it until it doesn't show any more pink on that part of your eye.

5. If you need to go over with pink again, do so. I had to do this 1 or 2 times until I felt it looked perfect with the two colors together.

6. Apply your mascara.

...and that's it. Like I said, this eye is really simple and doesn't take long AT all. You can wear this look anywhere you'd like and isn't to dramatic. Have fun with it!!

And a close up picture of my eye..


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Review: Avon skincare

So, I had another EOTD for you guys but as a forgetful person I left my camera at home and went to my boyfriends apartment with no pictures. So, instead, I've decided to review a brand new skincare item I bought recently through Avon.

So, maybe a year ago I was buying Avon skincare all the time. I was buying Anew's Face Cream Cleanser. For awhile, I was unable to find it. Every new campaign book that came out would never have it and I seriously thought it was discontinued. Well, fast forward a little bit and I finally came to the conclusion that they did in fact discontinue that product. I was SO pissed because that cleanser was the only thing that kept my skin under control and actually worked for me. I was left to use soap and water because nothing from even the drugstore lines would work. A couple campaigns ago, I ordered what I'm set to believe replaced the cream cleanser. It's called Anew's Daily Resurfacing Cleanser. I bought it and decided to give it a try.

This is by far I think almost better than the last one. It smells AWESOME, it reminds me of a hair salon because it kinda smells like a good smelling shampoo, only for your face haha. It isn't so much creamy, but is a little bit thicker and is actually a pinkish shimmery color. I have used this faithfully for a week and my skin has cleared up SO much. I had a little redness and little pimples all over my cheeks and chin (this is where I break out the most) and now I can hardly tell I had any acne there at all. I am really proud of Anew and no longer am mad at them for getting rid of my product, but am happy that they replaced it with this.

Overall I would definately give this product a 5/5. It smells good, works good, and is great for ALL skin types. I will definately keep buying this and will recommend this to anybody that wants clearer skin, and wants a good smelling product to go along with it. Here is the picture from Avon to show you exactly what it looks like. You can get this through a representative, or shop online for it.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Avon haul along with swatches.

So, today my mom came home from work with some pretty little items for me. My Avon stuff!! For those of you who don't shop at Avon, seriously you have to. You get the best stuff for really good prices. There quality is really good. Back in the day I thought it used to be very cheap, but they have gotten so much better and I really love their items, and sometimes they have cool stuff that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. So I thought I'd share my haul with you and I swatched some of the colors I got for you.

First thing, I bought a 8 in 1 palette for myself. It's basically just 8 eyeshadows in one. This one I ordered in Water Colors because I really don't have that many blue colors so I thought it would be a great change. Also, as an extra bonus, my mom bought an 8 in 1 palette in the "neutral" colors (basically your normal browns/golds) and she realized she already had it so now I get to inherit it. So I basically bought one and got one free haha. I won't get that until tomorrow because shes's sleeping now so I can't just take it. So here it is. They don't name individual eyeshadow colors, it's just one color all together.

Palette closed..


Palette open..


I also bought more eyeshadows. I bought a Glaze Wear (GW) cream eyeshadow in Turqouise Dreams. The actual name is GW Diamonds eye color. Along with that I bought 3 Big Color Eye Pencils (BG EP). I bought those in colors Classic Mocha, Eggplant, and Night Glisten. I absolutely LOVE the BG EP. They are like a creamy feel, have excellent color payoff and really last all day. I would recommend these to anybody!!

Picture of all the eyeshadows..


Swatches for you..


And last but not least, one last eyeshadow. This is just a regular single eyeshadow from Avon called Celadon. I really like the single eyeshadows from Avon, they have awesome colors and they are also a great price for what you get. I would also recommend these to anybody.


So that's it. I also bought face cleanser and some hair spray but I'm sure everybody know's what those look like!! I also have another EOTD coming up soon so watch out for that. It's mermaid inspired.

xO Jamie