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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday list and ELF lookout!

So if anyone hasn't heard of Makeup Geek, you should definitely check out the website. They have an awesome forum (which I am apart of) and she does AWESOME tutorials. Anything from celebrity looks, to how to's, to everyday and wedding makeup. The website is http://www.makeupgeek.com/ Today, they had a questionare in the forums that I answered, but decided to post it here as well with a little more detail since there is a little bit more room. So here is the list and feel free to take it and post on your blog as you see fit.

Name: Jamie Lynn

State: CT

Something about you: Full time college student going to school for Psychology, freelance makeup artist (hopefully this takes off a little bit more), and pro makeup shopper ; )

Hobbies: horseback riding, going on random adventures, being with friends/families, apple picking, going on scenic drives (especially now since it's fall over here in New England)

Things you collect: MAKEUP and now that I think about it I have ALOT of hair products.

Kids: None

Married: No, but have talked about it

Fav color: Baby pink and black. These two colors together in an outfit look so nice.

Vehicle you drive: 2002 Toyota Celica. Its also actually modified. Heres a picture for you guys : )

Fav Music: Rap (not the hardcore stuff, but stuff like Flo-Rida, Lil Wayne, etc), Rock, and Pop

Fav actor: Shia Lebouf, Channing Tatum

Fav actress: Eva Longoria

Fav Makeup: Eyeshadows (especially out on control colors), eyeliner, and lip stuff (lipgloss/lipstick)

Fav Movie: Blow (sounds dirty I know! Johnny Depp is fantastic in that movie though), Enough (with JLo)

Fav eyeshadow: Right now, Cranberry from MAC

Fav Eyeliner: Any. I normally only wear black, so it really doesn't matter what brand I get. Avon, Wet N' Wild, Revlon

Fav Mascara: Right now, it has to be Supercurlacious Mascara in black from Avon. You can read the review I did on it here.

Fav Blush: Covergirl blush in Rose Silk

Fav primer or base? I don't use a primer on my face but I do for my eyes and I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

Fav Foundation? MAC. I used to use drugstore brands ( L'Oreal, Covergirl, Almay) but they always made me break out and I never really found my true color, even after years of searching.

Fav Lipstick? Avon's Sheer Naturale. It's an awesome nudey color. I bought it last week and I am a little mad that I broke it : ( but thank god I got a sample!! It will be my backup until I can buy another one.

Fav Lipgloss: "Mouthwatering" LE from MAC. I got this in the 08 holiday set last year. I also really like NYC's Pink Sand. (review on that one is available, but I will be doing another drugstore lipgloss review soon equipped with pictures)

Fav lipliner: None, I don't wear lipliner.

Makeup that you absolutely dislike: As much as I really am a drugstore makeup kinda girl (especially some of the eyeshadows and lippies that are available) I currently and not being a fangirl of the Covergirl eyeshadows. Some of them are awesome (think Turqouise Tempest), but other ones are not pigmented at all and don't hold their color even with a base.

Makeup that you want to try: Ben Nye, Barry M, NYX, ELF (I have a couple things from ELF but I want to get alot more considering the price and all the good things I hear about them.
So, now that the list is out of the way, I got an email from ELF cosmetics today letting me know that their Studio line is 50% off. Use promo code EGSTUDIOX. You can only use it up to a $50 discount. I am definitely going to be picking some stuff up and stacking it up at the boyfriends house so I don't have to lug my makeup everytime I go to his house : ). Once I get stuff I will be doing reviews on everything I get so look out for that as well!!
xoxo Jamie

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