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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Review: Avon skincare

So, I had another EOTD for you guys but as a forgetful person I left my camera at home and went to my boyfriends apartment with no pictures. So, instead, I've decided to review a brand new skincare item I bought recently through Avon.

So, maybe a year ago I was buying Avon skincare all the time. I was buying Anew's Face Cream Cleanser. For awhile, I was unable to find it. Every new campaign book that came out would never have it and I seriously thought it was discontinued. Well, fast forward a little bit and I finally came to the conclusion that they did in fact discontinue that product. I was SO pissed because that cleanser was the only thing that kept my skin under control and actually worked for me. I was left to use soap and water because nothing from even the drugstore lines would work. A couple campaigns ago, I ordered what I'm set to believe replaced the cream cleanser. It's called Anew's Daily Resurfacing Cleanser. I bought it and decided to give it a try.

This is by far I think almost better than the last one. It smells AWESOME, it reminds me of a hair salon because it kinda smells like a good smelling shampoo, only for your face haha. It isn't so much creamy, but is a little bit thicker and is actually a pinkish shimmery color. I have used this faithfully for a week and my skin has cleared up SO much. I had a little redness and little pimples all over my cheeks and chin (this is where I break out the most) and now I can hardly tell I had any acne there at all. I am really proud of Anew and no longer am mad at them for getting rid of my product, but am happy that they replaced it with this.

Overall I would definately give this product a 5/5. It smells good, works good, and is great for ALL skin types. I will definately keep buying this and will recommend this to anybody that wants clearer skin, and wants a good smelling product to go along with it. Here is the picture from Avon to show you exactly what it looks like. You can get this through a representative, or shop online for it.


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