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Saturday, February 13, 2010

In spirits of Valentine's Day

So, I thought in the spirit of VDay, I would dedicate a post to my boyfriend, Dan. Me and him have been together for almost 5 years now. It's obviously the longest relationship I have ever been in. He is by far my best friend and also a great boyfriend. I always tell people that it just feels that I am dating my boyfriend because of how close and secure we are. I am going to pick 5 things about him that I absolutely adore. I got this idea from Khloe Kardashian. She dedicated a whole post to her husband Lamar, and I thought it was so cute, I am going to steal it and do the same!! She picked 10 but I don't want to seem overly obsessed and since no one besides me really knows my boyfriend it would be a little weird sharing TO much information, ya know?

1. One reason I love him is he is so genuine. He finds the good in everybody, no matter what. If he loves you, he loves you with everything he has. He will stand by what he believes in and if he thinks your wrong or your acting wrong towards his loved ones, he'll let you know regardless of how close you are with him. I love them about him because he's not fake (which is hard to find in people now a days).

2. One reason I love him is because he is so unselfish. What I mean by that is if he has $5 left in his wallet, he will make sure I get it. He will make sure I have my Sugar Free Red Bull for the morning, gas in my car, or a bite to eat when I need it. He will go without so I can go with.  All my past boyfriends have been so selfish, whereas I'm not. So it never worked out obviously haha.

3. Another reason is his eyes. He has the most AWESOME hazel/brown/golden/green eyes. It's almost as if I'm looking into photoshopped eyes haha.

4. His LOVE. This man loves EVERYTHING. He always hints how it's his "job" to take care of me and how when we are married I will be a very doted on wife because I deserve it. I'm not lazy by any means, but he almost makes it kinda hard not to when he does everything under the sun for me and I don't even ask!

5. HE LETS ME HAVE A MAKEUP OBSESSION!!! I know, crazy talk right? He honestly doesn't care if he spends half his paycheck on makeup for me. He knows it makes me happy and I'm THAT much happier when I walk out of MAC, empty ass wallet but HUGE plastic bag haha. He always gives me money for makeup even when I literally don't want any and he always buys me little storage containers where I can keep all my stuff organized in. I always let him pick out colors he would like to see me wear, only because he feels he's so included, which I love. He's very into modifying cars, and sometimes he compares the MAC shadows/pigments to car colors. And he will literally slip colors into my purchases just so I can have a matching eyeshadow to his car. I know, men and their weird ways.

So, to any of you readers out there with a significant other, what do you love about your partner? If your single, when you do have a partner, what do you like for them to do?? Have fun with this post guys, I know I did. And Happy Valentines Day to you guys!!!

xoxox Jamie

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